Sharron AT THE 2018 Canadian Screen Awards!

I co hosted the preshow for the Canadian Screen Awards last Sunday…and I gotta tell ya…it was really something.
I love hosting and to do it on such a grand scale was a thrill…but there were a few things that made it even more EXTRA as the youngs say.

1. I was thrilled to see people who I have worked with from all walks of my career. I got sent onstage by Anne Hunter who was floor director for Canada Sings, Michelle DiCesare and Pam Weston who I worked with on numerous productions like Les Mis, Beauty and the Beast and Showboat handled my clothes and my issues : ), Adriano Morosutt who I worked with on both Canada Sings and Frankie Drake did my hair, ALL the Insight People From Mark Lysakowski who I got to hug onstage to Lindsay Cox who I waved at as she worked in a headset and all the wonderful people at Shaftsbury from Christina Jennings who I had the joy of handing an award to and to Judy Lung and Meg Campbell who I embraced backstage. So many wonderful people.

2. After I was done I went to the backstage bar to have a scotch, and I found myself standing beside Catherine O’Hara, who I believe to be a genius. She was just so…Catherine O’Hara-ie. Lord love a duck, I drank my scotch (which the bartender triple poured) and admired her from aclose as non-weirdly as possible.

3. I was sitting in the make up area when Margret Atwood came in and was sat down beside me. I was all, “Hello Margret Atwood, I am Sharron” and then we had 23 magical moments together where we talked about comedy, verbs (no lie), what it’s like when it snows in London, I told her 3 jokes that were cut from the show (that she laughed at, for reals), we compared fashion choices and she marveled over how many sets of eyelashes I was wearing (2) and then I shook her hand and was gone. Bucket list, people.

4. I think my greatest joy last night was seeing my two friends Mike and Maureen excel. I met Mike and Maureen on the same day in 2011 around a board table at Insight Productions…and who knew it would be such a fortuitous moment? These two people have been such a big part of my life ever since. I was so honoured to be onstage presenting an award to Mike Bickerton while I was wearing a dress that he sourced, wearing shoes he helped pick doing a job that all his hours of support (doing all my promotional stills, shooting and producing my 3 camera promotional video JUST to name a few things) surely helped me get. And Maureen Riley, who I didn’t see because she was sitting in a production trailer outside running the whole show, who SHOWRAN the HELL OUT OF LAST NIGHT! She is one of the most talented ladies in the business. The dress I wore onstage, she AND Mike helped me pick. And she is the person who recommended me for the gig. These people are something else. Truly. I am thankful as hell. (picture of the three of us to follow…we cannot figure whose phone it is on. : ) )

What night. Onward with THANKS!

To see a bunch of my photos from the night GO HERE!




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