CBC’s Because News…with Gavin Crawford, Eric Peterson and Kris Siddiqi!

Oh my lord, I was on the CBC this past week, and I had the best time ever!!

I know that I spout my opinions on politics and current events on here continuously…but when it is actually recorded for our nation’s radio station? A chick can get nervous. And competitive. And fussed.

I had a blast!

Because News 2


Because News

Sidebar: I REALLY have to make better choices when I pose. Really.

WHATEVER!! I gotta be me.

Because News is hysterical and features our nation’s celebrities… who are ALWAYS undercelebritized…  if I may say… and this show is changing that UP!! It is on every Saturday at 11:00am and every Monday at 11:30am on CBC Radio ONE! check your timezone!

Listen to the entire episode here!


SO happy they had me.

It is also available as a podcast ALL OVER THE WORLD. So to all my pals in Europe, the US, Austrailia and South Africa…really just everyone…you must check it out…if just to find out why Canadian Icon, Scott Thompson, was saying the words “gluten free” and “dildo” in the same sentence…


P.S. My family listened on their radios…one of them could not figure out how to use their radio and had to call her neighbours in (my Mom) and one of them  went for a drive in her car because she could not figure out how to stream it on her phone (my sister) and they ALL now think I have MADE IT! Finally.

NOW, go and buy tickets to Sharron and George’s SUPERFUN Christmas Sing A-Long!! They are almost sold out in Stratford and well on their way to sold out in TORONTO!!

Here is the Facebook page with ALL the info!!


See what I did there. I am a publicity whore. Ah.



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