BUCKOUT ROAD at the BLOOD IN THE SNOW Canadian Film Festival

Last night my sweet George and I went to the BLOOD in the SNOW Canadian Film Festival to see BUCKOUT ROAD! If you are following along, you might remember that THIS is the horror film I did last year in which I played A COP! WHAT? Yes! BUCKET LIST!
Well, the movie was just awesome…I loved it…I loved the style and the look…and the actors? Henry Czerny, Danny Glover, and Evan Ross…to name a few! I had a wonderful time shooting it and a wonderful time seeing it last night!
Thanks to Matthew Currie Holmes for writing, directing and having me!
Here are a couple shots of last night AND of the shoot!


with Matthew Currie Holmes the writer and director of BUCKOUT ROAD






with John Raulston who plays BUCKOUT himself. : )


within one month in Sudbury I played Officer Cheryl Kellog and then did a cabaret at the Sudbury Theatre Centre! Glam…and well….


Danny Glover was so kind, at the end of my shoot days, as I walked away he said, “We should get a picture!”…I didn’t want to ask…it seemed rude to ask…so, he was a class act and cut out the middle man. Cool dude.


Evan Ross and I sat together between scenes and were talking about our lives. He said…and you might recall this from an earlier post… EVAN: I heard you are a singer. Me: I am! EVAN: My Mom is a singer… Me: Oh, would I know her? EVAN: (PAUSE) She is Diana Ross. Me: Ah Shit…


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