1989…like Taylor Swift…but not…

1989 was the year I moved to Toronto…also it was the year Taylor Swift was born. So…there’s that.

In 1989, when I was done college, I made a connection through David Connolly, I think, and met up with Jennifer (dancer and awesome margarita maker) and Tim (singer and awesome merry maker) …and moved into a 4 bedroom house that they had rented on Broadway (RIGHT!?!?) just north of Yonge and Eg. I didn’t know them…at all…my mom moved my stuff and before she drove away (and I bawled like a baby) she said, “Are you sure you are okay here?”…who knew?…and three months later we actually ended up moving again to Logan Ave off the Danforth. Those first few years in Toronto with them…and with Vicki (who joined later…with her military boots, her short peasant skirts, and her late night, wine induced choreography master classes) and later with Mike (who I had actually known since I was 14 in Hamilton and he ended up with Tim for a long while)…were some of the most awesome years of my life. I think it was three years…but it seems so much longer in my memory…in the good way.

Now, you all know I love my life with my Georgie…who I started dating (lord, it sounds so friggen silly…dating…like we were 12…although we were only 23 and 24) whilst living at that house. SIDEBAR: George Masswohl came all the way from Bathurst and St. Clair one day to “get rid” of a mouse that was caught in a trap in our kitchen…Vicki and I were screaming in the living room as this all went down. George says he set it free.

I choose to believe that. FYI? That was the moment I knew I was in love with him.

BUT those years with Jenn, Tim, Vicki, Mike and all the other crazy people who stayed with us, hung out with us, or fought with us (good luck…) were the best single years a girl could ask for. Truly and Madly.

Though I was A TERRIBLE WAITRESS (ask Glenn and Kris) these guys got me a job working with them at Jerry’s at Dundas and Ossisington..which is now the Lakeside Diner. To give you an idea of how terrible I was, Jerry’s served Hagen Daz and used this ice cream for their milkshakes…the hardest to scoop, thickest, ice cream EVER invented and sometimes, when no one was close…and patrons ordered milkshakes I would say we were out of ice cream. Right? ALSO, one day when I was putting down coffee on a table, as I bent over my HUGE hoop earring fell into the cup. BUT We ALL worked their together. For serious. Again, I was TERRIBLE…and I continued this TERRIBLE waitressing career even after Jerry’s closed down, we all moved to other restaurants (CHI CHI’s…I worked at CHI CHI’s….lord and taylor).

So, we all lived together…we all worked together (when one of us was not doing a gig)…and then, at night, we would live life, people. We would hang out every night. I looked forward to coming home with a vengeance. We went out and danced…and drank…and ate…and laughed and laughed. We always knew to never send Vicki to Greek City Video because she would come back with “Well, it looks interesting on the box”…and we knew that if we bought 20 candy bars Mike could fashion them into the most interesting presentation (penis and/or boobs)…and we knew that someone always had an extra smoke. And smoke we did. There is one night I distinctly remember riding around on someones shoulders at about 4:00am and then waking up to go to driving school (yes, I know…I was 23…) before two shows of Les Mis. GOD! We could party! And I was not a big partier before I lived with these guys…they just knew how to do it right… I think it was all the SHWA and Red Deer in them…and they would bring me along for the ride.

The things we did…well…anyhow. I feel like I could go into it…but (they are probably reading this with baited breath…) but some of the stuff we did…as I think back over it now…(remember that walk we took around Hawkstone) it is best kept close. And fuck, we had some fights…wow…but we really always had each other…I know how corny it sounds.

The last year or so I have really been mulling over how life has changed…how people are scatter to the winds…

I live in the country with my love…Jenn lives in Hong Kong…Mike in Victoria…Tim and Vicki in Toronto…and life has just pushed us different ways…and I do not see them as much.  The funny thing is, when I do…fuck we laugh.

So many things have changed…careers, boy and girlfriends….husbands…hair colours…passions…and I have met many many people since then. But these guys…they were the first people I lived with in my adult life…in Toronto…when you are still immortal in your 20’s…and I loved these guys. I love these guys. I just realized that if I did a life version of “The Big Chill” it would be with these guys…but not one of us would be in the casket. If you don’t know what “The Big Chill” is…oy vey.

How lucky was I?

And…I found THESE!!!


IMG_0297Vicki, guest Danny, Mike, Tim and Jenn…Christmas 1991?

IMG_0298Mike, Vicki, Jenn, and guest Chris…I don’t know what the eff we were watching…but Mike was making one of his chocolate boards.


High waisted jeans and an Obsession by Calvin Klein Tshirt…late night choreo with Mike and Vicki.


Sweet Tim, “Qui C’est Fuck Et Vous”…


 Mike feeds Max…I really enjoyed that cat…I remember that one day Max turned up the temperature on the fish tank that just to the right of Jenn…who is the latest workout wear…Max cooked the fuck out of those fish. He knew what he was doing.



And because I took all the pictures it only seems fair that I put up one with my awesome hair and “SHE’S Back” Les Mis T-Shirt….I am about 6 years old…THIS is why I am NOT allowed to have bangs.


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