Shit I Learned in 2015…


Happy New Year Selfie!! (looking bewildered by positive…)






I cannot fucking believe that it is December 30th, 2015…and I find myself back in Richmond Hill getting ready for my 2nd Annual “Sharron’s Canadian Superstar Variety Roadshow” at the beautiful Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts… and yes, as I rehearsed today with all the wonderful artists involved I knew that they were all indeed SUPERSTARS…and  I felt grateful…and lucky…and oh, so pleased…and a bit soul searchy.


What a friggen year it has been, people…AND it went by like a house on fire… AND I INDEED learned a lot this year… I always cringe when people say shit like that…but it is true …I LEARNED A BUNCH OF VALUABLE SHIT THIS YEAR… some serious… some not so much… and some just WHAT-THE-FUCK!?!


Some of them are obvious…some of them are simple…and some of them are boring…but it is my list…so…


Of course, it being 2015…I have to share…because we, the internet lovers like to share…SO… without being too much “Eat-Pray-Love”…which I actually kind of enjoyed…let us commence on the look back at:


“Shit I Learned in 2015”  


                      by Sharron Matthews


 1. Let us begin with a lesson I have learned AGAIN and AGAIN…but, because we are human…we sometimes end up, inexplicably (often because we are having low self esteem about a project…or we are trying something new that freaks us out) searching for approval outside of ourselves…and then?


WE USUALLY FIND OURSELVES FACED with the SAME EFFING LESSON…it a simple one…but still very hard to practice!!


And that lesson is:




We all have wonderful instincts…but sometimes we think other people know what is best for us…or, possibly, we are working with someone who leads us to believe they have our best interests at heart… and they might not OR they may have their own agenda based on their own life experiences which have nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish.


WE know what is right…we know when something is not working…we know when shit needs help. It is okay to have outside opinions…but OURS should be the deal breaker.


2. In regards to number one, every once in a while, I find myself  doing a little something I like to call..


“Learning the SAME Lesson 7.0″…and it is fine.


 So the fuck what…we are trying…and sometimes? That is e-ffucking-nough.


3. Mexican hospitals can be very clean, efficient and healing…staffed with wonderful people…but sometimes it takes them 45 MINUTES to find a vein…so long that even your tough as nails husband has to leave the room…and then they give you drugs and forget to tell you that they will ultimately bung you up… and you still do the show the next night…and the final lesson is? ARE you ready? (And this lesson was clarified by a couple of artists I worked with in PV who shall remain nameless…)


Everyone will poop themselves if you stay in Mexico for a while.


I am just gonna leave it at that.


4. Not every creation works out


…sometimes THAT creation is leading you to another creation. Sometimes you gotta know when to walk away and begin again.



5. Sometimes sequins and a 4 to 5 inch heel is the only answer.

which is closely followed by (and it is in the same theme so I am putting it in the same place)…

“Anything lower than a 4 inch heel is just fucking around” – Thom Allison


6. This may sound a bit ‘pollyanna” BUT fuck it….


There are people who love you. People who want to spend time with you…people who can’t wait to support you…and for some stupid ass reason…we sometimes focus our attention on jackholes…fuck that.




7. I have talked about these things a number of times this year because THIS YEAR I really GOT it… AND it absolutely bears repeating…a million times…


What if you are the way you are? And that is just fine?


If you don’t like my body or me the way I am? That is also fine. Just keep that to yourself…what you think of me is NONE of my business. AND my body? Is none of yours!! Have a nice day.


8. You always have more than one CHANCE…one break…one lucky day…more more more. 


9. Old Navy has great jeans. Which all us artists DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYMORE…BECAUSE OLD NAVY DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US!! Be strong, warriors!! Go to another store to buy jeans…those fuckers deserve a reality check…we may not be president or and an astronaut…but we have credit cards all the same…and more than the average bear, because banks love to give artists credit…because we have a hard time paying it off…and we make a lot more impulse buys…so EFF YOU OLD NAVY!!


10. Canada is filled…filled filled with amazing, talented, beautiful, world class, independent, and commercial, artists…we need to celebrate them, raise them up and show them off. As I have said before…if we don’t raise our own artists high…who will?


11. Aretha Franklin is the queen. Watch this. Bow down…then be inspired and create beautiful things! Happy EFFING NEW YEAR!!!










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