“Does it matter?”…well, yes it does…

I love going for my daily swim at the YMCA.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (god effing bless you) will remember some of these hits from the YMCA over the years such as:

  1. The naked lady who was showering beside me, who asked if I had been on Canada Sings, then told me she noticed I had excema and THEN tried to sell me Arbonne…I was, of course, also naked…it was the shower people. I felt violated…in a few different ways.

  2. The other lady who sings about 100 religious hymns while she scrubs herself in the shower. (Gab Jones can attest to this.)

  3. Another lady who was angry that I was brushing my teeth in the sink when she wanted to wash her hands…and she said, “Doesn’t it make sense that the sink is for washing…” and I said, “Does it not make equal sense that I am brushing my teeth…” She thought it did NOT!

  4. That time I flipped a 12 year old the bird….scroll through my posts…he totally deserved it.

  5. And most recently, the day before my birthday when one of my older swimming buddies (after we chatted about getting older and that it only got better) pulled on her Depends at the end of our convo and went on her way.

Stories happen at the YMCA , people.

Today was no exception.

After swimming during the self directed fitness swim…which used to be for seniors and NOW is for everyone…and boy howdy are the seniors NONE too happy about it…THOUGH, to be fair…they mostly swim around and just talk…it is more of a meeting place for them…and they are fucking pissed that they have to share it with the likes if me…what was I saying…

Ah, yes… the self directed swim at the YMCA pool… where you meet all the best people… who ALL think they own the pool…let us be honest, one of them is me. Today, there were two ladies who were lazing around the pool, both in leopard bathing suits (HOLLA!) and having a grand old time. When they got into the change room I could tell that they were not from around here, due to their accents…it turned out they were from Michigan. I love that they brought their YMCA memberships to Stratford from Michigan and then came for the self directed fitness swim…THAT is planning.

As I dried my hair, I asked them which show they were seeing while they were here…and one of them…the sassier of the two said, “Oh, I don’t know.  I don’t go the theatre that often. She bought the tickets. (laughs)Come on…Does it matter…?”

Now I am faced with a few choices, here:

  1. I can laugh and pretend it actually does not matter.

  2. I can get indignant and have some sort of weird, pointed conversation with a woman who is on vacation from Michigan…who came to the self directed swim at the Y and has no idea what show she is seeing…I mean, how is that going to turn out. NOT WELL.

  3. Try and be kind and yet informative…and strike a chord for artists everywhere.

So, I instinctively chose one. I know. I was horrified at myself…I was just shocked. But…in my defence, I didn’t want to ruin her day or mine having the kind of conversation that number two entails, and number three just seemed too fucking involved. It was a “pick your battles” kind of day.

I know I don’t actually work at the Stratford Festival…and let me say here…IT IS A WONDERFUL SEASON AT THE STRATFORD FESTIVAL!!…and  I feel like, maybe,  I should have stood up for artists everywhere…but then I thought, well, they do awesome work here…it will speak for itself. And it is pretty amazing that these two leopard bathing suited ladies, who were really quite nice, planned this special trip to Stratford…and paid to go to the theatre…and attended the self directed fitness swim at the YMCA.

But still…”Does it matter?” Well, yes… of course it does…but we don’t have to fight about it.

So, I figure:

“Pick Your Battles” Day = 1

Angry Confrontation Day in the Y Change Room= 0

Not bad.

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  1. I have to add that in a world where some people want to have visited every single Walmart in N. America before they die, these ladies are still going to live theatre. They still rate a healthy 8/10 for me. I can forgive a lot of a theatre going public. That said, if she eats, drinks, or gets her phone out in the theatre I will HUNT HER DOWN, so help me….. Nice blogging X

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