Things I learned, relearned and lived thru this gorgeous #latesummer day…

You don’t have to agree with me that it is #latesummer. I don’t care…but with this wonderful, glorious, fabulous weather…why deny it…why live a sadder life with your feet in “foot prisons” (shoes)…when you can STILL wear sandals!?!? Why!!? Huh?? Why. Just Why?

I had a full as eff day…the glorious #latesummer Sunday…(just give in, Negative Nellies…) and during this full as eff day, I had some thoughts…they are quite ALL OVER the map…but I was just busting…so, I am trying to reign them in like a dog sled team…and not doing well…so keep up with me if you can…

DISCLAIMER: Some ideas are popular ones that had a resonance today…I am not trying to pretend I am Judy Blume…I have just reframed them a bit for myself…

  1. On a Sunday, people on the highway…and in the city for that matter…so basically, A LOT of people…drive like they have never before and might never again get to drive their cars. I was in the centre lane all the way from Stratford to Ajax and, hypothetically, I was driving 135-ish all the way (I was NOT driving that fast, pals in the OPP…it is just a hypothetical…) and people were whizzing by me on BOTH SIDES…riding up my ass…IN THE CENTRE LANE…GOING THAT HYPOTHETICALLY FAST. And when I got into TO to pick up Mark Selby (who was coming with me to Ajax for a gig) I stayed at a green light TWO SECONDS after it turned and someone honked their horn like they were holding the trigger on an automatic weapon. Simmer down, weekend people…you are all going to kill each other…with your anger AND your driving. To that end I drove by four major accidents on the 401 between Toronto and Kitchener. Simmer down, people. For serious.

  2. I am very lucky and blessed to do what I do. Today, I went to the St. Francis Centre in Ajax to do their 15/16 season launch (I am doing my “Sharron’s Christmas Party” there on December 4th…come on over…it is only a half hour from TO…) and, after almost three months of administrative work (grants, scheduling, planning and figuring) I remembered how much I loved working at the Centre in 2011 (with my “Sharron’s Big Broadway Show”…before you think I am all full of myself, BRANDING is important)…and I met a lot of really fine people AND I felt the joy of being the captain of my own ship, as well as the thrill of singing some songs that I have been performing for many years, but that still really excite me. I was thankful, I was joyful and I ate a very tiny cupcake to celebrate 10 years (in December…can you believe it?) of doing what I love for a living, and creating my own work. LORD AND BUNNIES, I AM FILLED WITH GRATITUDE.

  3. RuPaul’s “What’s the ‘T’ ?” podcast is magical…it can fill hours on a drive. And make you LAUGH…girl! If you don’t subscribe already…please do. BUT that friggen Michelle Visage drives me crazy. Like bat shit crazy. She is such a fucking know it all…she just knows everything…and she speaks on every subject like she is wrote it…and I today, as l listened, I tried to figure out why she drives me so kookoo…with her all knowing…and self promotion…that fucking Bodyguard Soundtrack….sweet jesus…and THEN? I was afraid…like seriously worried…that she might just remind me…of myself. The “T” hurts sometimes, people.

  4. When people show you who they are…and you stick around…and then they show you a second time, and you are surprised by this information…who is the true kookoo person?

  5. We all don’t worship the same god, gods, goddess, and/or ideas…we just don’t. Peace.

  6. I effing loved Viola Davis’ speech on the Emmy’s…so I started to watch “How To Get Away With Murder…”. THAT SHIT IS AWESOME!!

  7. If someone says, “You aren’t gonna change my mind.” They are usually quite correct.

  8. Mini Cupcakes have only 93 calories.

  9. Somedays it is just better to mind your own beeswax.

  10. Other days it is NOT….

  11. It always seemed a bit drastic when my pal said this to me…but on this, my 47th year on earth…I decided it was true…”I will sleep when I am dead…”

  12. I am getting a scotch and going to look at the SUPER MOON!!

  13. Re:12…sometimes the clouds block the SUPER MOON. BUT I know it is still there…metaphor away, people…

  14. Sometimes punctuation and bad grammar does not matter…in fact it MIGHT just help the tone of a positive affirmation…

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.07.07 PM

I walk by this everyday in my kitchen…and it does wonders…in whatever context I need it.



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