Yes, I woke this morn, pulled off my gold-sequined sleeping mask, the maid drew the blinds, handed me my mariboo bed coat, my morning tea on bed table and my day began…
Then I woke up with my ipad imprinted on my ass ( I slept on it) and remember that I fell asleep after watching episode 2 of season 2 of Downton Abbey (I was trying to get in the UK spirit)…I FUCKING LOVE THAT SHOW!!!
I am in some wonderful student housing that is RIGHT in the centre of it all!
Oh wait…this is how we flew…

George and I ALWAYS have our  TYRA faces at the ready.

After we arrived in a grumpy taxi outside of our lodgings…we dragged our bags into the downstairs hallway I was afeared that we were entering a crack den but then I saw this on the floor and thought it was good luck…
Yes, people, it says “GOLD”…disgusting hallway…but filled with graffiti and good luck.
We dragged our bags up 3 floors ( I do love that even though it is on the 2nd floor they lie to you here and tell you it is the 2nd…the first floor is 0 I guess…like the size dress that I am sure that Posh Spice wears…pandering UK reference…you are welcome…).
Our place is big and airy…the toilet fills for 20 minutes and need to be filled with water to flush…fancy!!
Here we all are after we were united here in the land of Scots….
Charlton the dog, Rob the producer, Cooch, Me and Simon (Rob’s partner)…and George, the producer is behind the camera! Can you see the awesome Edinburgh brick out of our picture window.
Off around town, after sleeping for 4 hours…I am 43 people…I can’t fuck around with my sleep…
George and I saw my posters EVERYWHERE!!!

WE saw a poster that made pass out….

The musical…and she’s NOT EVEN IN IT!!!….Jesus wept…and then bought a ticket to Sharron Matthews Superstar: GOLD…because, if you are keeping score at all…he thinks I am funny…lord.
And then we went to get some toiletries…THAT SHIT WEIGHS TOO much to fly across the ocean, people….and I saw this magazine….
When I saw this I was instantly two things…happy that she really is popular here…and horrified that that crazy skank is popular here…what the fuck….this world…holy poop.
Then to celebrate that we made it safe and no one died on th
e way we went out for Italian at Ciao Roma, my fave Italian place in Edinburgh…the owner, Franco, was one of the first people to let me put up my poster last year…and when I was sad/sick I would go in for comfort pasta and he would give me the local discount and then sit with me and chat. 
He is a good man.
I don’t have a picture of Franco…that would have been perfect….ah well… 
But here is a pic of the dinner…and this pic looks like an add for a freak ass sitcom…that I would watch…

And the new dude on the end is Huw, upcoming producer and long suffering assistant producer…intern. God bless his soul! 
Fave thing I saw on our walking tour yesterday? Besides my effing poster everywhere? This hairstraightener for hire in the bathroom of a pub we stopped in…EW…every Jill, Julie and Jamie in Scotland have used it…but it does say on it….

Yes…sterile…I am sure.
So, it burns your weave and gives you weevils…hahhahahahah…I just laughed out loud at my own stupid joke…I don’t care!! Eff you judgers.
Now, I write, email, order TSHIRTS,  edit a video, go over the show, get ready for promo gigs…like I am hosting the LIST party on Thursday night!! LOVE THAT! One of my fave acts Le Gateau Chocolate hosted it last year! Hosting a night at The New Town Bar for the charity Waverly Cares! Yes….so many awesome things…OH, and my ‘Best Of The Fest’ Appearance  at the Assembly! So. much. fun!! 
HERE, if you have come this far…gold bless you…oh wait…I mean god bless you…(see what I did there…ya, I know you did…) Here are a couple of random shots that my sweet Georgie took!!!


And, just so you know….Cooch and I change from the top picture into this…

3:40pm EVERYDAY (except Mondays)….here….

I hope to give Susan Boyle a run for her money….


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  1. Love the Gold wrapper. Love the Gold dress. LOVE the wearer. Wherever you go, my love goes with you. And no, I don’t mean JO. Although she did manage to see you in TO without me, before you left. I’m sending good energy to you all, now if you could just refrain from using the F word. 🙂 I can’t imagine how you do Canada Sings without it, my golden girl.
    Don’t let anyone steal your gold. Did I say I love you?

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