I have a sinus infection.


Have had to cancel some promotion appearances..,but still am experiencing packed houses thanks to Team Jesus on the Mile, people.

OH! And last night after my audience was brought in there were 8 people who said they wanted tickets…our box office said I was sold out…and then a melee began. With fists and all.

It made me feel not scared…but super fancy.


So I couple of days ago, at the start of the sinus thingie, I went to the Royal Infirmary and got some drugs…here is where I experienced one of the many subtle differences between Canada and Scotland.

When one gets an antibiotic in Canada we are told, “Take with food and Do not drink alcohol “

When one gets and antibiotic in Scotland you are told, “Take an hour before meals and (my fave part) try not to have more than one or two drinks.”

You gotta love the Scots.


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