Can you take it?

That is me, DONNY OSMOND, and Maureen Riley.

I love the first pic because Maureen is gazing ever so lovingly at him…

Maureen and I had planned to meet for drinks last night a while ago…and then when I got offered tickets to the show I wondered if she would like to come…maybe she would not be into it.

Here is our email exchange….

Dear Maureen,

Holy poo.

I hope this excites you as much as me…but my friend offered me AWESOME tickets to the fricken’

Donny and Marie opening tomorrow night!!! Wanna meet me at the Four Seasons Opera thingie place at 7:25pm tomorrow night ?

(There is also a party after…we might meet them…)

Shar xoxo

Sent from my crackberry.


Ummmmmmm. Yes please!!!! This is effing awesome.

Done and done.

See you there.



Sent from C3PO …

I loved most of all that her email came to me from C3PO.

So, we met out front of the fabulous Four Seasons Opera Place…I have never been in there before and TOTALLY love that the first thing that I am seeing there is DONNY AND FREAKIN’ MARIE!!!

Maureen was dressed as a fashionable girl about town, of course, and I was dressed like Susan Anton in the 70’s….look it up if you will.

We were both very excited.

Got my AWESOME tickets, from my dear friend Grant, and was in line behind Marilyn Dennis…in my head I went all high status for a second and wanted to remind about when I met her last year at “love, loss and what I wore” and try to get my ass on her TV show to promote MY TV show and Buddies previews of my UK show (Which is on July 23rd and 24th…don’t forget…here is the link for online tickets… l/Search.action?query=sharron+matthews+superstar

or call $16 975 8555…see what I did there?) but I didn’t want to make a big ass of myself just before the show and have to suffer through the shame for the entire show.

Maureen and I got to our seats and met a lot of peeps from the business… Sean Tasson from the St. Lawrence, Kevin Levesque (the fabulous Miss Conception), Paul Bellini, Kelly Cameron from…so many people…

Maureen and I both decided that if they sang a ” A Little Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll” we would shit our pants.

The lights went down and the young and talented Jeff Madden came was introduced by Aubrey Dan to sing the anthem…I love that…he sang it like a bird, of course.

And then the count down to the show started…we all participated ( you know how I love the participation) and the curtains opened and there they were at the top of a sparky staircase…in sparkly clothes.


It bears mentioning here that I watched every episode of their TV show.

Saw every show that they did at the CNE, as well as the Osmond Brothers.

I owned their barbie dolls.

I loved Donny and Marie…well, mostly Donny…but Marie as well.

These people put on a show…VEGAS STYLE!!!

There was lots of shiny things…dancers…projections…high heels…purple outfits…

One of my fave things was a mash up that Marie did of “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith into “Boots are Made For Walkin”…while playing a specially made glittery guitar with a big silver M on the front..and she wore a sparkly ( love the sparkles) cowboy hat…and then she had minions come onstage after and change her shoes while she talked…and give her water…she guzzled the whole bottle (I have done this same thing…cabaret shit is universal…and I love it.) and then threw the empty bottle in the wings and said, “You thought that mormons couldn’t drink.”….oh Marie…now, I love you even more.

The best part was…they sang their ASSES OFF!!!

There really did…I was throughly charmed, impressed and won over…not that it was a long journey…I do love them.

She did the first solo set and his was in the second act…he did “Close Every Door”…he sang “Go Away Little Girl” and “Puppy Love”…and the cougs in the front rows were freaking…and so were the cougs that were sitting in our two seats…I heard someone singing along near me when I realized it was Maureen.

He also did a rocking, singing and dancer version of the Osmond’s “Crazyhorse” and a lovely ballad he wrote for his son.

He was also awesome AND personable AND sang the shit out of everything.

Then they sat on stools and sang all of their duets…”I’m Leavin’ It All Up To You”…”Make The World Go Away” ….and others…it needs to be said here that I never really thought about how weird these songs were to be sung by a brother and sister until this moment….I had a moment of pondering and then I remembered…IT WAS FREAKING DONNY AND MARIE!!! WHO FUCKING CARES!?!?!?

I was thoroughly, musical, entertainment….ly….spent at the end….SPENT I TELL YOU!!!

Maureen and I did not shit our pants when they sand “Little Bit Country…” but we ALMOST did.

And they closed their show with the song that they sang at the end of their TV show…and we both held hands and cried.

Amy, from Flip Publicity, who was sitting behind us said that we were a very entertaining part of the evening…your’re welcome, I say.

Maureen and I dragged our asses (and our free posters) across the street to the Hilton for the party…because Maureen was getting her pic with Donny….I was shy and unsure…yes, I was…you guys don’t know EVERYTHING ABOUT ME!!!

Anyways…we waited with Avery Saltzman (founder of the Harold Green Jewish Theatre) and his fabu partner Kevin…Avery…that ass…told me that I wasn’t writing on my blog enough…so here it is you son-of-a-bitch…and while my back was turned Donny walked in the room and Avery disappeared…he and Donny had done “Joseph” together…and Avery is trying to book Donny for a fundraiser…so I didn’t mind.

And then Maureen grabbed my hand and said…”We are getting our picture”….side note….please look in any publicity stills from the party…Maureen is cagily wandering around in the back of ALL OF THEM…and then she put herself in front of him and said “Can you please do a shot with us?”…He, of course, says yes, because he is a lovely guy…a really lovely guy…and I begin to stammer and make an ass of myself…but I don’t care…I got my fucking picture with Donny Osmond….thanks, Maureen!!!

Go and see this show…it is so much fun…I have never given so many standing ovations in one night.


And Maureen!!!


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