I am, again, up WAY TOO LATE!!!
It is my day off (sort of) tomorrow….really, there is no real day off now till I am done the Fringe on August 28th!
One week today I open my show at the Edinburgh Fringe.
In Scotland.
I really am.
In the last 4 days I received $630.00 in donations!! Thank you! Thank you!!!
People have brought envelopes to the theatre with money, people have called the box office and people have emailed me promising to send cheques….it is amazing.
I appreciate all of your patience and support during this crazy time, this final push for funds…I feel like freakin’ PBS…”We can’t get back to ‘White Christmas’ until Jane from Lackawana finishes giving their pledge…”
Based on the whole tour/project budget (including the success hit stop in NYC at Joe’s Pub) I have raised….drumroll please…..$25, 098.37!!!
HOLY crap….please forgive a misguided calculation earlier this week that put my amount higher (Tyson, the Big Dog has been passing wind all week due to his antibiotics and the aroma is frying my brain)

Remember ALL is paid for!
The remaining funds are for food and the “Just in Case Derrick Chua gets kidnapped, our Keyboard blows up or Wayne gets mistaken for a Druid and is spirited away or Sharron decides to promo herself at the ‘Naked Cabaret’ and someone takes her picture and needs to be bribed” FUND.
Do you think that Fund title will catch on?
Go back and try to say it really fast!!
Don’t make me stick Wayne in a closet, pump him up and goofballs, and not feed him for two weeks, only bringing him out to play the piano …that would just be tragic.
I am still shooting for $30,000.00 so I need $4901.63.
That sounds DO ABLE!!!!
WHO WILL my angels be!!!
And I do believe in angels!!!
They have helped me so much so far!
THIS WEEK…ANYONE WHO DONATES $50.00 or more gets a “Sharron’s Army” tshirt!!!

I will get your addresses if you donate straight to Buddies and I will get it to you, even if I have to bring to you myself!!!
Call Buddies Box Office #416 975 8555 From Tuesday to Saturday Noon till 5:00pm or email me and I will give you more options…me@sharronmatthe
ws.com…the sooner the more helpful, my friends!
Here is my first Edinburge Fringe Interview….woo woo.

LOVE LOSS….this was a great and challenging day.
I love those ladies…have I said that?
We only have one more week….7 more shows.
I will most probably cry….I try to think back to the last time I cried when a show was over….1993.
Here is the last VIDEO just in case you didn’t see it!!!


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