In my true moments of Divadom I have the strangest thoughts…and I just wanna be honest.
Before I get there, yesterday was excellent…and interesting.
We had a lovely, vocal audience yesterday afternoon…and there was a woman who laughed…
Her laugh was like…was like..Bea Arthur mixed with the spitting sound a camel makes…I know that is very specific…but it is what comes to mind when I stop and think about it…and I had an hour and half to hear and think about it…she LOVED the show…and let me be clear, I LOVED HER LAUGH…and I love that she loved the show…but as I became more and more aware of her laugh…it made me laugh…and we are all a bit tired from the week so therefore….giddy.
I had to pull my shit together.
Then last night…I know this sounds petty and small…but there was a fly…who made itself known quite early…as the lights came up on each one of us it (the fly) would say “Oh that looks like a good place to hover…and land..and hover…and land…on heads, scripts, hands…” If it could speak and wasn’t a thing based from maggots and poo that is what it’s inner monologue would be. Is it an organism?….I don’t fucking know.
Anyhow…we all watched it…and I am sure that the audience did too…right before one of my monologues it landed on my stand and I swatted at it like a crazy person…and then breathed, smiled and did my thing.
An hour an a half with a fly can be a long time…but during Andrea’s Purse monologue it really went at her…and she swatted it with a smooth chop and it fell…dead as a freakin’ doornail to the floor…I hope Peta doesn’t read this and judge us. It is poo and maggot.
At one point though, during the Fly Incident 2010, all I could think of was “God, they need to get rid of all the flies in this theatre. Why haven’t they done that?” Diva…how the fuck are they gonna do that? They are freakin’ flies….back off the diva box, Matthews….that way lies madness…

I was gonna put up the image of a fly…but when I looked at them they were so gross I couldn’t do it…so here is the image of a pig flying…which has nothing to do with anything…but it is my blog so who gives an eff.

Yesterday, I found out that a dear friends Grama died.
She lived to be 100 years old.
100 years.
What a life.
And she had a family who loved and took care of her…
I wonder what her stories were….
I wonder…


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  1. Sharon: I was in your audience last night and I caught the whole fly action. Actually I thought it was a moth. When Andrea finally smooshed it and everyone chuckled I felt relief for you and the girls. Naughty fly. And yes I love animals so no save the fly comments please people.

    Anyhow you and the girls were brilliant and my friend and I related on many levels.

    Thank you for doing what you do so well.

    Love, Esther

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