So, I can’t sleep. It is almost 2:00am. I have only my sad self to blame.
You see, my friends, I got this big ole’ TV…and it is so pretty…and I want to see neato movies on it.
What neato movies? Do you ask?
Well, I started with the WHOLE 3rd season of that romantic situation comedy… Dexter.
Oh…I love this show! It just gets better and better…and I really enjoyed Jimmy Smits…and the lady who plays the foul mouthed sister. The show just keeps geting BETTER AND BETTER. And Michael C. Hall? Just scrumptiously evil…and somehow likeable…you root for his serial killing ass!
And I hear that season 4 is even BETTER!!!
BUT that isn’t the reason I cannot sleep…surprisingly.
Then George came home with two videos….yes, I said videos… I still call my ipod a walkman…so this will continue for a LONG time…one of the videos he brought me is a movie that I saw the beginning of in the theatres…but after about 10 minutes it was clear to Georgie and myself that it was all “Blair Witch” camera…we packed up our contraband food and left…but I really wanted to see it!
District 9…it was still a bit sick making on my new, huge TV!!! But not so bad…although you gotta admit that shit was gross. There was ….well, I don’t wanna give it away…but the movie is good.
What a great idea…great script…LOVED it…but with the monsters you would this was the reason that I cannot sleep.
But no.
THIS is the reason.
Susan effing Henley, while standing in the green room at LKTYP with both of us wearing bloomers…theatre is weird like that….told me about how she had gone on a date with her husband to the movies and seen….
“OH, Sharron, you’ll love it!”
Will I, Susan…will I?
So, Georgie…in an effort to sooth my mood…no comment…got me those two videos…one was Distrist 9 and the second….you guess it….Paranormal-scare-the

Oh, my god.
That shit scared the living doodee outta me….if you didn’t get that from the line above…it bears mentioning one more time.
It was so simple and the acting was a tad campy…and the guy character was an asswipe…but holy crap.
By the end I was a mass of nerves…because that shit was so real on my big, gorgeous TV.
i couldn’t shake it all day…or night.
That was yesterday.
Now it is …you think that I would feel better one day after.
But NO!
Here I sit.
On the couch.
By myself.
George is gone overnight…oh ya…don’t come over to scare me….my huge dogs will kill you.
I am fighting not falling asleep….
I am 41 for fucksakes!!!!
Where is the bravery and the sense?
Where indeed.

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