He is humouring me….and as you can see… he doesn’t really stay still when asked, as of yet.
She cannot believe how fucked this is.
The best part is when we walk them.
It is quite a production…with the two of them… people cut us quite a wide berth, let me tell you.
Last night, we decided that after our long walk… which we will do twice a day…which consists of George and I leaning back and holding on for dear life till we get to the park and then we get a bit of slack from them after they have walked on the 100 square feet of grass around the corner from us….
Cassie pulls like the bejesus to be in front… I know what that is like…..I digress… we decided that I should have a try at walking Tyson out back of our condo…..
So, we switch pooches…. Cassie so happy to have her Daddy back… she loves George best……sigh….I get Tyson’s leash and George says ” No, you want to get your whole hand through the loop….” ….oh…..and then we begin to walk around the parking lot… I feel all fabulous and superior… till Tyson decides he would like to go somewhere else… and then he pulls my arm out of the socket and I have to lean back like I do when I am doing the chest machine at the gym…. the Berkeley Gym, 128 Berkeley street… ask for Olivia …. she’ll hook you up…. best training and spin classes in town…. okay… and when I lean back he almost pulls me right off my feet… and stops short.. I fall into him… it is like walking into a brick wall and he just stares at me…. that is when I realize that he is humouring me…. he kinda likes me… wants me to know that maybe I can walk him…. but don’t get to cocky, lady.
I turn and look at George and Cassie…. Cassie is just sitting there looking all haughty and aloof… and she has that ‘This is fucked’ look on her face.
When I got into bed last night I was a bit think-ie.
( Tyson in the kitchen… and Cassie super mad on the floor beside the bed… because all of the literature says not to allow them on the furniture as it causes territory issues… blah blah blah… UG)
You know…. I am having the serious thoughts…..this is alot of work and will take alot of patience and time.
It is kinda late for that thinking… but what does that all mean.
We had talked about moving somewhere maybe….
George looked at me and could see that I was thinking as my brow was furrowed and I had that far off look in my eyes…. and asked me what was up.
Just serious thoughts.
But I woke this morning…. Tyson gave his first cry at 8:00am on the nose… HE KNOWS HOW TO TELL TIME…….and thought….there is a reason this little pup… huge monster pup… was put in our path and why we felt the need to bring him home….. it is meant to be.
So all ‘return to love’, I know… but I do feel it.
Cassie is more accepting of him…. she comes closer to him and sniffs him through the baby gate…. she stays in a sit while he walks around her….we stay calm… unlike the humping/ripped shirt moment….
Some people have babies….
Some people have pets……
Some people have goob from Tyson’s mouth all over their condo.
George and I thought if we could change his name… which we never would….
MacGoober would be a good title.
Cassie just looked at us.
She thinks it is fucked.


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