My blog was effing broken FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!! And I, clearly, have SOOO much to say! I hope all four of you are well….I am so happy that it was almost spring yesterday…. I put on my party outfit…. different than the Sharron’s Party outfit of my Fashion Crimes togs….. ….but my white trash, St. Patricks Day party outfit….jeans, green sweater, shoes that were comfortable for wandering around the streets in a stupor of alcohol, my down vest with all of the pockets so I don’t have to carry a purse and some advil…. preemptive !!!! Oh lord… I have never really been a St Paddy’s fan but last night… have you ever seen so many green foam top hats?…. but last night I had a great time… George and I went to Buddies… where we have been alot lately.. I think they are gonna put in a cot in one of the dressing rooms for me… they were celebrating St. Patricia’s Day… Patricia being the awesome Bar Manager at Buddies for many years…and it was fun!
Clinton Walker was there… looking all fab and irish…. Sky Gilbert was there in his Highschool Musical half top… which I LOVE! WE had a great time…. I had a shot of whiskey and a shot of Bailey’s… I don’t know who the eff I turned into in the last little while… but all of a sudden I am power drinking….not all the time…. but when I do….someone has video of me after ‘Sing Out Louise” juggling two water bottles…. yes, I know…. Only two… I am not a circus performer for fucks sake….on Alexander Street… and note to them… you know you are… if it ends up on the Youtube I will kill you.

Oh what a night! I am so pleased and proud of the fabulous benefit that happened at Buddies on March 9th…. these performers were turning it out! If we had been in NY the place would have been SOLD OUT!! But we still had an excellent crowd of very loud and proud people…. here are some thoughts…
Patricia Zentilli belted an F ….almost made me fall down a set of stairs……
George Masswohl made everyone laugh and cry… he was soo good…..
Damien Atkins and Andrew Kushiner…. created a pop medley accapela… it contained something from the Opera Lakme and Single Ladies by Beyonce… just to name two of th 25 songs that were in it….
Jenni Burke said Fuck about 100 times… in a song..
And that was just a few highlights… I started to write more but I was afraid that I would be here all the live long day…..
Thanks to all who came out to the show…. and to the fabulous performers and players who gave of their time…. what a night!

Sharron’s Party
Yes, it is true…. I have two Parties In March, April and May…. and then my ‘Big Gay Party’ in June and then I am calling it a day… actually I am calling it many years.
It is time to move my work forward.. I like to be the one who knows when to finish something and I think it is time…. I love the Party… I have worked my ass off on it… and I have written, marketed, sold it, put up all the posters… you name it I did it…and I want to do something new! I am excited for the next shows… new material… I really enjoy working with Lily Ling.. she is young and she has a really great energy… and I love that all of the songs I bring to her she looks at and says ….What is this song?… She will be playing for the show for the next four months… baring some exciting gig that might come up!!
And I will have an opener for the shows.. a young person who will do a short set from 7:30pm till 7:45pm…. and this month it is Michael Hughes… he is a VERY talented young man… and the guests are some of my old faves, some of my new faves, and young people who I have been scouting around for…..
I am doing all new material…. I am very excited… it will be an awesome 4 month series!!!!
Come on out…..
March 27th and 28th… a Friday and Saturday
on the Friday… Alicia Toner and Shoshana Sperling and Saturday ….A trio from Randolf, Kevin, Jordie and Sarite and Ryan Kelly! … check out the listing for the next four months on my website….

In other news…. the workouts are harrowing… I know!!! But effective… I have lost 10.5 inches… yes… you read right…. I am proud as punch!
Thom Allison’s show was AWESOME at Buddies… oh my lord that was some good storytelling and good work! his mind never ceases to amaze me!
What else?
I wish I could afford tickets to Britney.


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