Well, friends…. here we are again!!!
I am putting Part One up today and Part Two up in a few days…..
There is a new segment in Part Two…. It has a whole bunch of theatre Divas in it…
I shit you not!!!!
As a sidebar….
You know what I hate?
I hate it when people write mean spirited things about our arts community…..
Reviews are one thing…. 
We hate them but they are what they are…
But to then just write something to compare art and point out shortcomings…
That is just mean and bad for our community.
That is that then.
Hope you enjoy the webshow and see your soon for part two!!!!
WOO HOOO!!!!!!
Oh Wait… and congrats to Avery’s company , the Harold Green Jewish Theatre,   on their 5 noms….I know he reads and watches and I was just sooo proud……
Way to go!


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  1. Sharron,

    Hilarious. You are so fancy with your swift edits and on-screen lettering. I love it! And congrats on your Dora nom – that is fabulous! And so well deserved…

    Hope you are fabulous! Perchance can you make it down to St. Ratford once the Dora dust and Pride … pixies have settled? (I was going for alliteration… didn’t work out).


  2. I may just Kyle… I may just….. I miss Blythe and well….I haven’t been up there forever….we lived at the house Jonnie Munro lived in for two seasons…..
    Thanks for watching…..
    Hope all is well up there~~

  3. You go girl!

    Crack. Me. Up! Glad you’re loving the NOTL, and glad you’re rocking the Dora nominations. Give our Melancthon lovin’ to George!

    Family Lucas

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