So, we get back from Orangeville late last  night from rehearsal and the only thing on my mind………

I could not be more excited….. excited like when I used to have slumber parties.
I didn’t think I would be coming home last night and was trying to figure out how I could get Thom to come over and explain to him over the phone how to program my my very precious PVR to record it.
Then at rehearsal we decided that we should come back here tonight because of the impending….
Storm 2008….
can you believe how they build this shit up?
God help us if we ever have a war…..
Storm 2008 …
is different then…..
Fucking Windstorm 2008 …..
and if you wanna read more about that go down to the next blog….
worth it, I promise…..
But….when we were on our convoy home I realised that we would make it to see the timeshifter showing….
I got so pumped I had to stop myself from really speeding.
We walked in the door and and I ran to the TV….
which is about 2 feet from the front door …..
and found out that it had just started in Calgary…..
Calgary….. ( said with a bit of a tone ….. and if you don’t know why…… we can have a drink sometime)….
So, I ran around the loft throwing off my clothes and putting on my comfys with George just staring at me and shaking his head.
When the show started…..
I almost peed….
Now I know that I use that alot……but I really did this time.
This show makes me feel special… I am in some special geek club…..when people ask me if they can just watch this season I just laugh and say….’NO WAY’
And in secret I am thinking….
‘What are you effing nuts!’
I found myself all confused again and thrilled…..and I didn’t really know what was going on!
But I did not care!
I love that show!

Jack: CRAZY and Earnest….and Thinner?
Kate: Slutty and not trust worthy….I think she is gonna turn.
Sawyer: Dreamy….not as dreamy as George, my husband but I am just trying to be true to the story.
Locke: What the Fuck….is he shot…is he not….is he real?
Ben: Weirdy
Charlie: Aw…Dead.
Desmond: Don’t know what his story is…..and that room Penelope was in looked like it was on the island….didn’t it?
Hugo: Godd story line….I loved when he tried to run.
Oceanic 6: Intriguing!
I feel about Lost….the way George feels about Friday Night Lights.
TV is good.


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