Just a thought!

Have you ever watched Trading Spouses?

Oh my lord!
It is sooooooooo good!
Oh my dear lord…… it is 250 shades of wrong!
And if this in wrong I don’t want to be right!
They always put a new age person from the north with a christian from the deep south and just back up and let the hilarity ensue.
There was a woman on this week who was so freakin’ scary….. she was from Louisiana and was so crazy and so afraid that she was being possessed by the dark side …….. because the people in the family were astrologists ……  and the first place she felt the devil was…..drumroll please…. 
the dryer that made a clunking noise……. 
it scared her so much that she puked in the garden.
Oh god your guys……tune in.


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  1. darling!!!

    too funny!

    i am lovin’ the many posts… they make me happy… check out my new blog 🙂


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