Now, I don’t think that I am all that…..and a bag of chips….

( I always agree with that saying because doesn’t a bag of sour cream and onion chips make everything better?)

…but I have this little blog and sometimes I just gotta speak my mind….

I LOVE Britney Spears…..

that girl worked harder before she was 20 years old then most of us have worked in a lifetime…..and wearing something resembling a bikini most of the time…..which takes balls…..that poor girl.

George, my husband, kept saying to me that someday……well…the media ain’t gonna be truly happy until they kill her……and now it seems ….that they are close.

I try not to read too much about it….but I cannot stop myself from checking in every once in a while…..I wonder how the debacle that is her poor life is going……she is 26 people…..26 years old !!!

So….sometimes…..I am totally embarrassed to say……I go on……


That guys is a fucking mess.

You know…..YOU KNOW that he was a total geek, wore low-slung hipster jeans with the muffin top and got his head flushed at least once while going to highschool… know what a mess that shit was….and now my friends, he is making all of the popular people pay…….

I feel something akin ( yes, I said akin) to a religious outrage about that guy…I see why people get into the jihads…..he is a nasty little bastard and has focus alot of his energy on outting people who want to live their sexual orientations in peace and little pop stars……

Maybe he wanted to be a little pop star.

He hates Avril… I have to get pissed off right away because I am bound by my patriotism to defend her rockin’ ways……

And he REALLY hates poor little, misguided and effed up Britney.

He has made it his personal mission to put that little girl in the ground…….

He puts pics of her on his webpage in straight jackets and makes her body look all fat….that would be the thing that wuld finally drive me over the edge.

And, dears, his glass house is very, very tall……I do hope that the windows start getting shattered very soon……

(ooooooh almost poetic…..I think I am all fancy.)

Clearly, that young girl has got some problems…..and like the Spears family needs anymore shit….little Jamie is preggers!

My……..just leave the poor girl alone.

Maybe without all of the media attention she might be able to string something together that looks like a normal life.

It seems that people like Perez forget that these people are real.

I wonder how long this ass would be able to hang tough under the same kind of media scrutiny…..not as long as dear Britney has.

I am praying Britney.

I barely ever do that…..but I think you need the help, ya poor thing.

And I wish a yeast infection on that Hilton dude.

Nothing life threatening…..just weird and itchy and embarrassing to explain!


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