Holy crap you guys!
It has been toooo long …are you still there?
I am so excited and this has been such and awesome time…..and of course I feel that it was important enough to tell the whole interweb!
We spent long days and nights working on the Cd with Patrick as the producer……oh my, but I am really happy with the whole thing……it is fun and funny and I don’t sound too bad…..if I do say so myselF….
that does not sell CD’s…..
It sounds AWESOME!
We will release it @ the last Sharron’s Party on
Monday September 17th……
ahhh the last party….
sad and happy…
we have bookings all over Ontario over the next 4 months and have already done two…..
We were in Brampton…where the audience was 17 years old to 80….not lying….I asked right away if I could say cocksucker…..
that seems to be the barometer for the evening for me….isn’t my mother proud?
Last night we hauled our cookies up to Waterloo for their subscriber night…
the Waterloo Entertainment Centre just bought 8 months of Sharron’s Party with extra shows @ Christmas and New Years….once a month just like here……
It is super exciting that the AD up there wants to build an audience!
The lovely Barb Barsky was there….she is doing Master Class…and her husband Marek….who I love….was playing piano for her when she sang “Infinite Joy”….ah that song is nice.
Jean Stillwell was there….singing pretty and lookin’ fierce…as was her accompanist Patti Loach….she cool…..
Young Ari Weinberg was singing from Bunnicula….which they are also doing there…..
then I brought up the rear with some Britney Spears and Pussy Cat Dolls….I am nothing if not fancy…..
You guys….I am so excited about the 17th….
here is the info from my webpage and Facebook
Can you believe it?
One more show!!!
And that night ‘Sharron’s Party’ is full of things that are awesome…..
The Cd ‘Party Girl’ will be released….it will hot off the fricken press…
Our last ‘Party’ …for a while at least, while we spread the funny and the potty mouth to the rest of the world…… starting with Ontario…..
We will tell you what is next for us!
And most importantly…..It is my BIRTHDAY!
What a day….what a day!
Patrick is exhausted by my excitement already!
So, come on down to the
Gladstone Ballroom
1214 Queen West
on Monday September 17th…..
…..come early…..we will make you comfy and happy!
The doors will be @ 7:30pm and the show @ 8:00pm…
And what a night we have planned…..
You don’t know what is gonna happen.
Surprises…..prizes……other things that rhyme with those two words…
Come hear new things and all of your favourite old things that you have been waiting to hear again!
What will I wear…who will you see….ah….who knows….but come be a part of something we plan to make a very special celebration of our two years
of Sharron’s Party!
Write me, you guys, if you are still reading…..I am lovin’ the bloggers….even when I am not bloggin’!

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  1. Love that picture of you. And don’t worry, the bloggers still love you, too, even when you’re not blogging!

    I’m SO excited for the cd and for the last (sad!) party…we even took the day off work for it. 🙂

    Congratulations on Waterloo!! The rest of the province definitely needs to be exposed to your fabulousness. 🙂

  2. Always here! 😉 And always lovin’ the bloggin’!

    I am so excited (/sad) about the last party, it’s not even funny! We totally took the day off work.. haha! and I’m so excited about this cd!

    The Brampton show was awesome. Different crowd, but you (and Patrick, of course!) were still amazing. I’m so happy that we got to go!

    Congratulations on everything, Sharron!

  3. Bloggers are always here, it is true. I love that you are doing the show up in Waterloo! You are on the road working it. With those fabulous heels in the bathtub. I would have loved to see Patrick in the other end of the tub with like a coffee mug or a rubber ducky…just sayin’. 😀 Can’t wait to hear the CD!

  4. How could we not love you.
    Who are you kidding.
    I am so happy for you, things are always coming up Sharron.
    I’m off to the dominican republic tomorrow but will be back just in time for your party.
    Have a great week and well see you @ your CD release party…
    OMG that sounds so awesome.

  5. Thank god you gys are still here!! I am rehearsin’ up a storm…..

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