Look at the size of my skirt…..look at my hair….look at my ass…..ooh I was sooo teeny….and sometimes I ate.
Facebook continues to shock and humble me.
Just when I think that it is safe to feel ….I don’t know…safe…someone sends me a picture of me showing my boobs at a first year college party…well…not really but you get the gist right?
I am totally twenty years old there….that is 18 years ago…a whole legal person ago….that is also Shannon Barnett behind me in the black and white outfits…just so I am not the only one to be mortified…..but I am proud…I worked my ass of that summer……
Canada’s Wonderland….ah…I would like to thank Jeff Morden for those shots….I thought that the three of you might get a kick outta it.
Oh my….it just winds me….
I was the swing and the dance captain….it was one year before I was in Les Mis….the year I really discovered drinking….not to excess…okay maybe a little…I had super cool roomates and it was my first job after school.
They used to check our bags on the way outta the park to make sure we weren’t stealing bathroom tissue….really…someone was fired for it….on my last day I put my character shoes in my bag and put two opened boxes of tampons across the top…..I mean who was gonna want the grotty shoes that I had sweated in for one million shows?
Anyway…the scary thing is Jason Knight has a video of the show…..he threatens me with it every once in a while….

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  1. everything about that picture screams long except for one thing


    people in the front seen more of sharron matthews than their admission into the park permitted
    your hair is so long
    your legs are so long
    and then the skirt
    what a great photo…tina turner ain’t got nothing on you

  2. Love it! Do you think Jason could be convinced to share the video with others? 🙂

    P.S. Speaking of old pictures, I just recently found a picture of you, me, and Gill, taken after Les Mis when the tour was here in 1998!

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