Oh yes…we did have fun….I wanted to show you more of the Doras…mostly I wanted you to see George in his new suit…he is so handsome……and Thom in his get up….
The second picture is of Beth Kates and myself…she designed our awesome lights for “Songs For a New World” and she was ROBBED!!!! She totally should have won!
The next picture is Mark, Thom, Me and Jeffrey Kuhn….nominee for his outstanding performance in “Story of my Life” at Canstage…..star studded night!!!!
Thom and I went to see Evan Almighty last night…we walked thru the pea soup heat to the Rainbow…..it was a bit stinky…I mean ….at least there were monkeys….but that Glimore Girl ….she not funny…we also saw it with captions for the hearing impaired which I thought would be fine but sometimes the joke was printed before Wanda Sykes ever said it….
Ah well…..
If you wanna read about my broken rib and prideday fiasco scroll to the next blog…..sees ya!

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  1. You all look FABULOUS!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. Oh my god the pics are great…you so pretty.

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