‘Cause the old one sucked!!!
Man it is amazing what a good night of sleep can do…..I still feel a bit fragile from the move and all but I am gettin’my groove back on…not like Stella and her Groove….’cause that just turned out bad for Terry MacMillan…….if you don’t know what I mean…trust me….it is funny…maybe not hahaha funny but titter funny at the least…..
I am soooooo happy to be with Georgie….he is dreamy….I came out of the plane..(where I sat beside “My Legs are too big for the plane” guy…he owes me at least $50 for sharing my space…ass)…..and I was looking for George and I couldn’t see him……and I was a bit sad…..then I heard our family whistle…..the one we use to find each other in Malls and other places with too many people….and there he was popping out from a pole and I ran at him like I was a teenager….I know I mentioned that yesterday but it bears mentioning again….then he brought me back to his apartment …..it is a building where all the university students live…I feel like I am a million years old….they look sooooo young and they like music that booms out the same bass line for a half and hour……I am old and crotchety..then last night I went to a bar with George and our friends Carla and her man David ( who helped with the nervous-breakdown-move) and Aviva….apps and wine…..me….drunk…after…..three sips…..and a bit belligerent….I have now made a small plan to be a bit drunk on and off here….is that wrong for a 38 year old woman???
….oh wait…I don’t give a poopie……hahaahhaha!

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  1. I’m glad the move is all over and now you can’t get all settled in a new place! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful time with George!! (the part about the whistle made me laugh really hard – I love it!)

  2. You and George make my heart happy. πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having/had a wonderful time in Halifax!

    (And no more with the ‘old’ – remember? FABULOUS. :))

  3. hey sharron, hope to catch up with you before you skip town… maybe Terence Bay today?

    ulrich the lobsterman

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