So, my G-man is gone away on the big birdy to the eastern seaboard….wasn’t that alot in one sentence?
And anyone who is taking that as a cue to break into my house and mess with me… dog will eat you alive…not to mention that I will fuck you up!
Ah, so filled with enui….probably spelled wrong but I am sad …so if you are judging my spelling at a time like this…..
bite it…..
ooooh a bit bi-polar……
I am so filled with the melancoly that I ate a full bag of wavy lays with a goodly portion of “Helluva Good Dip”…cause is there anything better……and now I have birthday party stomach….
Better than that…whenever Georgie goes away Otto…my dog….gets really weird…..
This time he paced around the bed from 3:00am to 4:00am this morning.
At the 3:00am side I was sad for him and understanding.
At the 4:00am side I was screaming out how I would come over there and give him something to cry about.
( If you are from PETA..that was only used for comic purposes)
Then I wake and start this new day….go into the office to stretch and check the email…..oh look…
right in the corner of the white carpet.
A protest poo.
That is what we like to call them.
They are just there to remind you that Otto is pissed….
or pooed.
What a way to start the morning.
Otto had already made a break for it downstairs.
Ho hum.
The day before George left he went for a haircut and I went with him….with the phantom shitter dog….
and the hairdresser thought he was so cute….
that she cut his eyebrows so he could see better.
That Otto leads qite the life, huh?

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  1. Otto is so adorable…and it’s sweet how much he misses George. Our dog used to get weird whenever we got suitcases out and she could tell that someone was going somewhere. They love their people so much. 🙂

    So sad that George is away…it doesn’t feel right for you guys to be apart! Hopefully the time will pass quickly, though.

  2. Otto is SO freaking cute. Karen and I are ridiculously crazy for dogs and Otto seems very special. 😀

  3. Otto was such a good dog when I seen him the other day. I hope that your feeling better today. Give me a shout this week and well paint the town red. Maybe some portuguese food??? The time will fly by and before you know George will be home. See you soon Kevin

  4. “Birthday party stomach”.


  5. I cannot take credit for Birthday Party Stomach….Lisa…(of the crazy Ikea commercial….”Start the Car”..remember that one)…..I heard her say it first all mike all good catch phrases…I hi-jacked it.

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