I didn’t write on Day 7 because I was trying to pretend I wasn’t on the cleanse and lead a normal life….but then after I did a voice-over job…thank you, jesus…..I walked over to the Eaton’s Centre to ONLY window shop (that was for George…I bought a t-shirt for 7.99 @ Old Navy…that doesn’t count as shopping) and half way through the mall got so wiped that I had to sit down. Then I drank some of my ” lemonade” and felt some better…..
Now, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise….this Master Cleanse is hard!
All these friends were like
” Oh, it’s the best I’ve ever felt !”
” Oh, I was totally euphoric!”
I have one question for them….
Hmmmm….anyway…I went, a little light-headed and, yes, a bit angry, to my friend and hair guru, Bill’s place for my
“Every 4 months”
haircut…it should really be every 3 months but I always wait too long…then in a moment of frustration cut my own bangs and then Bill is frustrated with me…..anyway….I go to Bill’s house and he gives me a fabu haircut….how did I ever live without him?
He also makes me laugh like a son-of-a-bitch.
We all need that when we are starved and a bit angry.
So, I have to go back a bit…. but during the voice-over I am chatting wih the other actors and I find out that I am on strike.
I am on strike?
Do I feel any different?
For those of the four of you reading who might not know….. Actra, the Film and TV Union, is trying to ratify and agreement with the producers that will include the new aspects of our business…..internet and residuals….the second is nothing new but we did need a better agreement for that.
Oh…I just bored myself…I used ratification in a sentence…..
anyway…so the long and short of it is…
I am on strike.
Maybe I should ge a Norma Rae outfit.
We actors don’t ever need work in January.
Do we?
Now….on another note…..our friend Lisa was telling me that she had been trolling some of the more upscale gossip pages so I went to see some of them…..ooohhh….gossipy…….
Well, I have my own personal gossip person, bet you didn’t know that….we shall call him…..
and he has a couple big celebrity couple predictions of his own for 2007…
are you ready?
After watching Brangelina and then living through her real life break-up with Vince Vaughn ……poor, poor Jennifer couldn’t take it anymore and has run straight into the arms of….
Chris Rock!
HUH? Huh?
Who knew?
And that skanky, not so bright Jessica Simpson has been seen with that music guy John Mayer but it really is a cover for her affair with…..
Chow Yun Fat!
He was in LA and just couldn’t get over how hot she was….the rest…. as they say………is Herstory…..
But ( and this is for Lisa) Georgerina might just be makin’ it up!

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  1. i missed the up for the above statement opps…

  2. Wow, your blog is even better than US Weekly for the celebrity gossip! 🙂

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