Feelin’ Good, babies….maybe a little too focused on food a few times a day….I mean how long has it really been since I had a bowl of Chef Boyardee ( I use capital letter cause he is a chef) ravioli ????? As of 4:00am this morning, too fucking long…..but I am feelin’ good…just like that Micheal Buble…he sang that song, right?
So, two nights ago, in our quest for culture, George and I watched the two hour season opener of…..Beauty and the Geek…..I poo pooed it….Georgie got hooked on it last year when he was in Halifax…..how dare he!! I watched it with him, much like how I went to see Borat……against my better judgement….then after 10 minutes I was hooked…thank god I will never try crack or meth…I clearly have a highly addictive personality…..I couldn’t stop watching….I LOVE IT!!! George may think that it makes up for Borat ….but it doesn’t.
No…it does not.
We sit and eagerly await the rest of the TV season to start because we can’t really go out anywhere….how do you meet friends for coffee when you can’t drink it…..my publicist, friend and show maven Grant and I are meeting tomorrow and he was all flummoxed ( I pick two m’s for that word) about what to do…..
” Will you just sit and watch me eat?!”
I think that he is none too happy about it…. don’t blame him…I may drool…..I really am having cravings for food I don’t eat…often….Mac and Cheese…….Hickory Sticks……Lard……oh god…..with Butter …….slurp….you know that this blog is the only thing that is really keeping me from going off of the cleanse……I will not be beaten…..nor will cave in front of the 4 of you!
On I high note I have only one more person to book for my next block of 4 shows ……very exciting and eclectic guests…..I wonder if I can eat them….
Did I just say that….well, I thought it….that can’t be good….

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  1. I admire your strength and determination. I wish I were as disciplined. Somehow I cannot stop myself from going in to a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s weekly. But keep on keepin’ on! You’re doing great! (PS – Have you seen Russell Peters? I have a feeling you might find him funny…)

  2. Oh Junior…….all i can think about is wendys….DAY 5!!!!!!

  3. My own quest for culture usually starts with MTV Canada…such a wide array of great shows to become addicted to on that station… 😉

    Day 5 now! Good job! That no coffee thing would be the worst part for me.

    So excited about the upcoming shows!

  4. WOW! Kudos to you for DAY 5!

    Lawd I would be lucky it I made it past hour 5. As for culture, well I haven’t been introduced to this new show in which you speak of. But from your description it sounds like you have a new friend which is always great. No one is so rich as to throw away a friend.

    Well I hope that your well and can’t wait to chat with you again. Just reading your blogs my cheeks hurt(the ones on my face dirty)! So for that I thank you keep up the great work im really proud of you.

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