Unapologetically Me: Sharron’s Cabaret For Kids

Award winning, international cabaret artist, Sharron Matthews, in collaboration with Canada’s foremost theatre for young audiences, the Young People’s Theatre in Toronto, has developed an interactive, exciting, popular- music-filled, cabaret for children from 9–13 years old. Sharron expertly weaves personal stories from her own childhood of dealing with bullying, negative self image, anxiety and overcoming adversity, around accessible, instantly recognizable, and fiercely current songs of the day like “Shake if Off” and “Uptown Funk”.

Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids creates a comfortable, safe and exciting space for children not only to discover, but to also voice their ideas and, to their great surprise and joy, to heartily sing a-long!
Sharron is accompanied by two accomplished musicians; a percussionist with an eye and ear catching kit of musical instruments and toys, and a multi instrumental string artist who plays electric and acoustic guitar as well as bass ukulele. There is something for every child (as well as teachers and parents!) to see, hear and experience!

A feast for the eyes and ears, young audience members who are a part of Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids, feel not only involved musically but, with Sharron’s gift and experience with direct address, they tell their teachers and parents again and again that they all walk away feeling seen and heard!
Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids is 45 minutes long.

Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids features 3 performers: Sharron Matthews (creator/performer), a percussionist and guitar/bass player.
Themes of Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids:
Music / Musical Theatre / Voice / Bullying / Self-Image / Body-Image / Anxiety / Celebrating Who You Are / Overcoming Adversity

You are amazing and I love the way you express yourself in just an hour!
Jamyce Aged 10

Dear Sharron,

My name is Rukhsar, I’m one of the people that hugged you at the end of the

performancce. I really liked how you were enthusiastic and you were interactive with

the audience. You were a really good singer and you are very nice. My favourite part

was when you did the kindergarten scene and you described your teacher. I also liked

how it was a real story. I liked how there were no costumes and I also liked Jamie

[percussion] and Jason [guitar and bass] because they really had a good beat. My

favourite songs were Uptown Funk and Shake it Off. I really liked it.

Rukhsar, 11 Years Old


*Also performed under the title ” Invincible YOU, Invincible ME: Sharron’s Cabaret for Kids”