“People Are Ridiculous. Including me.” OR “Why I am taking a FACEBOOK Breather 2017”


What does that mean, you ask? I will get to that…but first…

I am taking a Facebook break for a month…from my personal page…a girl has got to do business, people…at least a one month personal page break is my goal.

Don’t you hate it when people are all,  “I am quiting facebook!” instead of just having the stones to just fucking quit? But here I am…

I have started with not posting anything on my personal page and directing everyone to my website (www.sharronmatthews.com), to my business page on Facebook (which is here https://www.facebook.com/sharronmatthewssuperstar/), to my Instagram (which I truly love…which is @sharronmatthews) and to my Twitter (because it is harder to get into a pointless argument with only 140 characters…NOT impossible but harder… and seriously who has the energy to have a fight in 100 twitter posts…NOT ME….and that is also @sharronmatthews.com  for anyone who is keeping social media score ).

There are a bunch of reasons why I wanna get the eff of FB.

And, seriously, who really gives a shit why…BUT…

A couple people actually wrote me to ask me why…one of them was my sister who was afraid that I was sick or something…and one of the others was my niece who ALSO thought I was sick or something…BECAUSE I WAS TAKING A FACEBOOK BREAK. God bless the world, and my family, who I love…but this all illustrates that social media is MADNESS.

BUT I answered my friend Morleen when she asked my why I was taking a FB breather with these words:



I had been looking for a sign from the universe to cut out the FB for at least a while and the first-phase-of-my-sign-from-the-universe came at 1:00am a couple nights ago  in the form of a FACEBOOK disagreement with someone I did not know over the fact that a woman I did not know was flying on an airplane in a way that was offensive to the people who were sitting around her…whom I ALSO did not know.

I kept writing and my inner voice was all, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WRITING!?!?! WHO FUCKING CARES!?!?!”

And then? The next morning I went on INSTAGRAM and was introduced to a wonderful woman named Dana Falsetti. She has the INSTAGRAM handle @nolatrees. There is a beautiful video of her (it is an advertisment for a yoga app) doing yoga poses…really complicated yoga poses…poses I never thought I could do with weight on me…and she was killing them…and she is a big woman. AND I watched the video 100 times and was inspired to practice…because I fucking love yoga.

AND THEN? I made the mistake of looking down and seeing that there were 1599 comments on the video…


Don’t look at the comments, Sharron.

Don’t look at the comments, Sharron.





And…I would like to take this moment to tell you that I did some research on these posters and @ _aesthetic_al (great handle, by the way) had THIS little nugget posted at the top of his INSTAGRAM page:


I am sure the irony and idiocy is lost on none of you.

And this was just a few comments. There were ALSO MANY wonderful comments BUT also MANY opinionated, ill informed, mean and just plain stupid comments.

AS I FALL TO THE GROUND in ANGER, DISGUST and just plain EXHAUSTION ON THIS SUBJECT…I go back to my STRONG position on this issue…which is that is is NO ONE’S right to comment on a person’s form. NO ONE’S. Keep your thoughts to yourself…no one asked you…no one cares. Live your life…lead by example…and I will lead mine.

I continue to find the fact that people feel NO qualms about commenting on other people’s bodies maddening and insufferable.

Dana’s page talks about how she was a binge eater and yoyo dieter her whole life suffering from anxiety and depression…and how she worked out and lost the weight so many times and discovered that no matter what she did she was still her…losing the weight did not make her happy and fulfilled. And then she went to yoga. It is a wonderful tale for all…especially for those of us who are searching for their peace within their shell and looking for touchstones to help assure and comfort us that we are on the right path.

It would have taken ONE CLICK to discover her story. ONE CLICK to see her journey…and to find compassion, joy and inspiration.


And if my happiness offends you…then look away…and maybe look inside while you are at it to figure out why.

HENCE, the WHOLE second-phase-of-my-sign-from-the-universe to take a social media breather.

I think I may need a bit of a mind scrub to help me focus.

And I really want to use that focus to help make sure that EVERYONE gets to own their body and love their own body…no matter their SIZE. And I really think it is just beginning. And I want to get my warrior on.

I BELIEVE that this battles is very important…at the very least it is to me.

Just because people are different does not make then any less important, brilliant, funny, hireable, desireable, and PERFECT EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE.


So, I have to say I am VERY excited for a good deal of my cabaret focus this year to be two projects I hold near and dear.

  1. My Cabaret for Kids with YPT in Toronto that focuses on body positivity, loving yourself and others the way we all are, anti-bullying and anxiety.
  2.  GIRL CRUSH. A cabaret I have been developing for the last three years that will have it’s premiere at LUNCH BOX THEATRE in Calgary March 21st to April 8th. (get tickets by clicking HERE!)

GIRL CRUSH is all about how I search everyday for the ways to love my body and myself no matter my size. It is a journey to acceptance that I started in many years ago…around the time I saw Farrah Fawcett Majors on TV in Charlie’s Angels back in the 80’s…and one that I fully committed to about 2 years ago.

I love this show.

I love the music.

I love the stories.

I love the message.

AND I have had wonderful feed back from the workshops…and I am excited to get it in front of an audience for three weeks to see the reaction.

And I am sure there will be people and days that weaken me.

I know it is hard to believe BUT NOT everyone wants people to be different…to love themselves the way they are…and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!

So, I am embarking on a journey with this show…that will go to 54 Below in NYC on May 26th (get tickets here!)  and other places to be announced to find out why…and to embolden the world to love themselves the way they are…and to embolden others to LET US DO IT!!


I think that deserves an FB breather. Don’t you?

HERE is a little audio excerpt from the first showing of GIRL CRUSH at REVEL CAFFE in Stratford, ON in AUGUST of 2014….I was accompanied on guitar by the AWESOME Jason Chesworth.

I hope I get to see you out there! #girlcrush2017 #loveyourshell

PASS IT ON! xoxoxo


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  1. Girl Crush- paLEEZ bring this show to the Hammer, or a facsimile thereof. (I’ve driven to TO to see you and will do it again in a heartbeat!!)

    PS Would love to get my daughters (17&15) in a workshop with you! You’re gorgeous. Cheers

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