INDIEGOGO Campaign for “Sharron Matthews Cabaret Documentary Video Project”

SO, it is a big weekend friends!
When my pal Mike Bickerton asked me if I would launch our project at midnight, I was all “THAT IS PERFECT!!” and he was all, “That is so Beyonce…”.
Now, this meeting of minds is one of the many reasons I KNOW that this is the right project for us to embark on together.
Beyoncé knows how to market…she knows how to sell and she knows how to entertain while she does it.
And this is our hope and goal as well! (Not that we think we are Beyoncé…just to be clear)

Mike Bickerton and I are launching an INDIEGOGO campaign (my first crowdfunding campaign since 2010…when I raised money for my first Edinburgh Tour…which was BEFORE crowdfunding sites…lord, it was a time!) to embark on a project we are calling, “Sharron Matthews Cabaret Documentary Video Project”!

I am pretty excited to work with Mike on anything…he is a multi award winning TV producer and long time friend, who has been responsible for all my promotional shots and almost all my archival footage in the last four years. He is a gem, and he knows my work better than almost anyone, barring sweet George.

We are very ambitious in our goals, both in fund raising and in the end project! We both know life is too short to dream small. I wrote a million things here BUT WE both believe the INDIEGOGO page speaks for itself!! Please read the info, watch the video (it is awesome and crackers) and check out the perks! Help this gal move her work to the next level AND encourage new Canadian cabaret artists!
ANY and ALL HELP is GREATLY appreciated!!

Check out the PAGE HERE!!


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