Doing a Workshop, Naked people doing IT in the Pool (NOT a workshop), Butt Sushi and Adele.

You guys…there is some weird stuff going on here in Montreal…for serious…

BUT before I go into detail…let me say this…the weather is beautiful…the people are wonderful…”Je ne parle pas francais…” is my phrase of choice because I can’t parle in none but english…and we are blessed to be able to be working here on a new project in a space that is being supplied by the wonderful Segal Centre (thanks Lisa Rubin!)…we are these people…


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.26.03 PM

Georgie, Joe, Myself and Louise…rockin’ it in front of the Segal!


It is pretty magical…and we are feeling blessed…but there is just…well, how do I tell you…okay…

Sooo…I like to go down to the pool in the gym that is located in the underground mall attached to where we are staying…it is an outdoor pool BUT the entrance is INside and the water is heated. A couple of days ago I was swimming in the snow, at night, looking at the moon…fancy, right?

I got to about length 46 out of 60 (calm down people…the pool is not olympic size…so I am not showing off…but indeed, this gal can swim…I am sure all of you who follow along have gotten that I fancy myself a mermaid…but I digress….) when a young couple came into the pool…please recall that this pool is a GYM pool…it is really for exercise. About two lengths after they got into the pool they start kissing…and then, before you know it…they are doing it.

Like…for serious. I am NOT going to get into the nitty of it…but it was gross…because we are IN A GYM POOL!! NOT A CLUB MED, CHILDRENs!

I finished my lengths (halfway thru a dude in a bathing cap, nose plug and ear plugs came swimming by them and almost drowned) and swam by (the breaststroke, ironically…that joke is beneath us…me AND you all…but still…) and said, “get a room…”.

I mean, COME ON!

Then last night, I experienced a literal feast for the eyes, as well as the rest of the senses. After my swim I went to the whirlpool (it has the most violent jets…it literally…if I may use that word again…spins you around with it’s power…keep it clean, people) and when I sat down I looked to the loungers that were close by and there was a woman, naked of course…it is a spa and I am all for people living their lives as they wish in the gym room…no one should have to hide their bits and pieces…but this woman has a towel over her naked midsection and has one leg on the floor on one side of the lounger and the other propped up on a table on the other side. Can you see it? Does it not give you pause? It was…it was…well, it was.

And to top it ALL off, when I got back to the change room, on the bench in front of my locker…where people put their naked behinds and the aforementioned and indicated lady places…another woman had put out her sushi, with a tiny bottle of soy sauce, a tiny salt shaker, and a tupperwear container with wasabi…and…wait for it…a beer. I LITERALLY (if I may use that ONE MORE TIME) flipped over my flip flops. WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. GOING. ON!?!?! WHAT!?!? I ASK YOU??


My face all like this…my thoughts all like “why the food on the gross bench…where I will put my feet and other people put their you-knows?

I never know what the eff will happen at the gym…which makes going a mystery…and I do love the mystery.

To finish of this post I have two other thoughts NOT related to the gym and nakedness and/or gross ass sushi and/or lady bits…

ONE: 24 hours and The Toronto Sun did a wonderful spread on our home! Here is a little capture of it. I am always mostly glad when we don’t sound like idiots! Woo hoo!


Toronto Sun HOUSE Article!!

AND TWO: Do you ever, when you realize that Adele is 25 and that she is putting out her third album, feel like you want to pass out and/or take your own life?  Just asking.


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