Game of Thrones, Gorgeous Sunsets and Internet Squabbles with minor characters from 80’s TV shows!!

Tonight, whilst watching “American Sniper” (yes, I watched “American Sniper”…) on the old computer, I saw the reflection of this sunset on my computer screen…


So I wandered outside to see it in person. It was a truly beautiful sunset tonight. I wandered around the area a bit and took one million pictures on my IPHONE (kinda like earlier this week after I had a couple glasses of Prosecco at a Gala…a Gala…so fancy…and then walked myself home and took about 20 really blurry pictures of the moon…)…there truly are some wonderful views here.

There are 7 more shows, people…and then I am done here in Gananoque. This week, now that I am in new accommodations, I have found that it is almost strange being away from all the spiders and mouse poo. I saw a spider earlier today…and I told it that it could live…then upon further reflection…like a character on Game Of Thrones…I took it back and killed the eff out of it. Sorry (not sorry), Spider.

Speaking of G of T, Besides doing one million shows while I am here, I spend a lot of time being quiet (I know, hard to believe…) between shows…I don’t know if I have already mentioned it…but this is one of the hardest shows I have ever sung. Truly, it is a bitch. A wonderful bitch…but a bitch all the same. So, I really have to take the quiet times. I watch a lot of TV on the old computer…Game of Thrones, Episodes, Homeland…the list goes on and on. A couple things about said TV shows:

1. Cersei is a fucking bitch. I hates her. Almost as much as I hate that gross effer Ramsay Bolton. I am so glad…well, let me not spoil it for everyone here…but now that I am caught up I am very pleased with how things are going for one of them. AND how shitty must it be to play Theon Greyjoy? I mean, great to be on a TV show…but shit. And whenever Jon Snow and those friggen crows at Castle Black come on I just wanna fast forward…and sometimes I do.

2. Homeland Season 4…SPOILER…Don’t look…just scroll down…hopefully it will be a bit mysterious and confusing…


3. I fucking love Episodes…I love it…I love everything about it.  FULL STOP.

This week…I had one very strange experience…and I talked about it very briefly in an earlier post…I am going to try and tell you about it without naming any names…but I felt it must be said…it is burning a hole in my brain…and you…you know who you are…don’t worry…I won’t say your name.

I will call you X.

* So, a couple of nights ago…as I was signing off the computer…I have no cable and live alone, people…I DO spend a lot of time on my computer…as I was closing the MAC I saw a post on someone’s page…it basically was a horrible youtube clip of a musical theatre singer we all know having the worst moment of their life. I looked at it and felt sad that it was even on the internet…no one would want that clip of them being passed around by other artists. So, instead of following all my good instincts I said something… something about how that artist would probably feel sad that this was being passed around…it was actually quite innocent…and then I closed the computer and went to sleep. Well, I guess, while I slept, the person (let us call them Y) who posted the video commented on my comment telling me to calm down, and what did I think I was doing inserting myself in a private conversation (on Facebook…yes, super private, sailor) and blah blah blah…whatever…high status things said…I am better than you…and scene. Of course, I was in the land of two Melatonins so before I could see it a pal of mine…my pal X…who was up early in the UK doing some vocal exercises (for serious!) saw this post on our mutual friends wall (Let us call them Z…they don’t figure very heavily… but if we are giving everyone a letter they deserve one too….)….(are you lost yet?…if you are, go back the * and start again…it is worth it…) and saw that this person Y had tried to high status me to death and X said, in their very kind way, maybe they should not tell someone to calm down on someone else’s wall and maybe they should try and be kinder…well, this friend…this vocal warm-uping warrior for internet peace X got a fucking earful (eyeful) from this Y person. Who then private messaged them and scarred them for life. FOR LIFE.

Cue the sunrise…then add about 5 more hours…I awaken to notes and notifications…and all such Facebook social media things. Poor X feels a bit shocked and saddened by this internet exchange…I, of course, having participated in many such exchanges…sometimes against my better judgement and sometimes on full tilt boogie…am chagrined that I have slept through it all.

Feeling that it would be best to leave well enough alone…I then decide that well enough is not enough…and suggest to this person…this Y…that telling someone to calm down on the internet (or in person) never works…and that I thought I was sort of kind in my short comment…and maybe they might want to think about how it is called SOCIAL MEDIA…NOT private-conversations-on-someone’s-wall-that-no-one-else-can-see -or-be-a-part-of-media.

You know what happened next.

There were about 14 messages sent…all a bit unfinished…pointed…in a british accent (Y told me to “sod off” a number of times…which led to the british accent for me…) I am pretty sure they called me a twat…my fave…but my fave fave fave…was when they said that I must be a cat lady (?) and said that was perfect because what they did was the equivalent of putting up a cat video on a person’s wall… a friends wall… and I commented and interfered… and stuck my nose in where it didn’t belong.

Oh lord, Sharron…this is kookooland…GET OUT NOW!!!

I looked this person up…and it turned out that they were not from the UK…they were born and bred in the United States (where the accent come from, Guvenor? Just like Madonna?) …and the first thing that came up on Google was a “Where are they now?” of people who had appeared as minor characters on Full House…like with the Olsen Twins and stuff…and that John Stamos…for serious.


And it was with great restraint that I did not put the “Where are they now?’ link up with the aside, “Is this like a cat video?”…No, no…I did not…and I actually made a meme out of his Full House picture and my “Mean Girls” shot…for X…because I knew it would make them laugh…but I will NOT put it up here…because this person seems a bit kooka. So, you will just have to imagine it!

HERE are a couple more sunset shots…and a fun shot of a tune from “Closer Than Ever” with a great quote. Those never suck. (It is always good to keeps selling!!!)


Closer than Ever Quote





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