Dear Cabaret Enthusiasts in the TO Area! 
If you are a student of the cabaret, whatever age you might be…and are interested in telling me what cabaret means to you in a couple of lines…here or on twitter (just tag me on twitter @sharronmatthews and hashtag ‪#‎fulldarkpartdeux‬ ) …I want to to give away 10 tickets to the workshop performances of #fulldarkpartdeux on the 17th and/or the 18th.
AND give them away to people who are interested in the process and/or in having a career in cabaret…who put themselves out there on the social media and write the most compelling answers!
I am super excited about this workshop…again, it is the most new material that I have ever put in a show…so I am all Little Red…( not that effing Sophia Grace…but REAL Little Red) …excited and scared! Yesterday Steve and I worked in effing Supertramp, people. SUPERTRAMP!!
Check out the link to the show here!
I would love to see you!
Band starts in 5 days!!
What do you love about cabaret?
Bring it!!!

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