Well, not like you all are hanging on my life like it is an episode of the Y and R. (Orin.) But Global has told us we can tell who OUR TEAMS are for the second season of CANADA SINGS!!! Oh lord!!! So happy. It has been hard keeping a secret, you know how I am.

CV and I…pictured here…yes, it was a $4.00 photo shoot at Polo Park in Winnipeg on CV’s Birthday…but it is my fave pic…

CV and I are traveling this great land of ours, working with fabulous people…who are strapping on their dancing shoes and exercising their shower voices for CHARITY!!! And what a group we have this year.
We still have one more to meet…and to be fair…and I don’t want to chat them up until I have had the honour to meet and work with them…but so FAR!!!….

In no particular order (For all of those naughty Glee Club members who are working with us right now OR going to work with us, you don’t know how we do this…you don’t know from here who you are up against!!!) 

The Ontario Science Centre!
Team Name: The OSCillations. (Love it.)
A great big team from Toronto…full of the love of science and learning and, now, a belted C note and a ball change dance step.

They are a dream to work with…and like to ask questions…like scientists…a lot of questions…Marko! What is a chausse? What is my harmony here? What is the cut off? (ALL GOOD QUESTIONS!!!) And they work their behinds off. What a great team…so full of heart and their charity…which intends to bring children who can’t afford the Science Centre to them…at no cost…because learning should be affordable for ALL!!! LOVE!!!

THE Royal Canadian Air Force!!!
Team Name: Super Sonic
Yup, I said it…the ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE!!! We went to Winnipeg to meet your men and women in uniform and to teach them to dance and sing…at the same time! It is a fabulous challenge that they are up for! They were hard to crack at first…I was doing some of my best jokes and not getting a laugh…you guys know how that is for me…so finally I enlisted (yes, I said it) one of team to laugh at all my jokes…and then it all went well! These guys and gals worked everyday and night we weren’t with them to perfect their number…I love them!!!
I love that Mike visualized himself into his choreo and harmony…you gotta respect that.
I do!
Somehow, I didn’t get a picture of us and them…I know one was taken…so the group will be a surprise!!! BUT here is a picture of me and CV on a Hercules….

On the Tarmac….(it was -41 degrees by the way…)

And with some of our fabu production team….the English mover and shaker and question asker, Lyndon and the hardworking and awesome, Meghan!!!
“Super Sonic is representing the Support Our Soldiers Fund, which provides programs and encourages ill or injured Canadian Forces personnel to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.”

YAY, RCAF!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!

The Stampede Casino
Team Name: Deal With IT!!!
And they do…deal with it, that is! They are an interesting, amazing  and dedicated group of individuals who work it out at the Casino all day dealing the black jack, serving cocktails and the such…and then at night they came to us and learned to shake it and bake it, as it were. This is a group of people from all walks of life from small town Alberta to the big city of Calgary and all places in between…they are all very diverse and have come together for Plan Canada.
Dear Dani, you can sing it…I know you can..you too Sarah!
Here they are!!!

They have got some secret talents…I can’t wait for you to see them!!
I learned a couple myself….

And they gave us hats…this is CV and myself with some of our amazing production team…the smiling, tall drink of water Kik…YES, KIK!!! and the fabulous goddess, Maureen!!!

Team Name: OPP Project Glee

We went up to Orillia!!! Yup…the Ontario Provincial Police!!! Oh my lord!!! What a group of people…the same people who keep us safe…coming together for the Dave Mounsey Foundation. Dave Mounsey was a officer who touched all of these team member’s lives and was killed while on duty..and now this group of friends and colleagues are honouring his memory by trying to win $10,000.00 for his foundation…which supports the families of officers killed in the line of duty. 
We have dispatchers, detectives and chiefs…oh my…we have it all! 
And even though their charity is a serious matter, we had a week filled with humour, hearty laughter and hard hard hard work.
Oh Val…the things you taught me…LORD!!!

Wait till you meet ’em.

Purdy’s Chocolates 
Team Name: Sweet Day

And CV and I flew to Vancouver and I have NEVER eaten this much chocolate in my life…like..they bring more everyday…we have learned to make chocolate…toured the factory…basically all of mine and Christian’s (who is a choco-holic) dreams have come true. These people rehearse 6 hours with us…and working…and rehearsing for hours on their own…I don’t know when they are sleeping…I DO NOT!!!
And Gary, you are a master chocolate maker…but lyric learning and foot moving is a whole different thing!! I know you can do it!
They are competing for the MS Society of Canada!
But eating all this chocolate everyday…I am getting a belly…so a walk around the Sea Wall is in order.
Here they are!!!

And here are CV and I making Chocolate with Gary!!!

And, against my better judgement….this is what happens when you eat too much of your chocolate from the filling bag….

Yup…the truth hurts…but it was so good!!!

So, one more team…one more team…who will it be?

Canada Sings Season 2…what a journey…what sticky hands…what an amazing experience…and it is not OVER!!!



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