Two days ago Tyson, the big dog…this dog….

The one with the bigger head….decided to eat a chicken carcass out of the garbage.
FOR THE RECORD we are very careful about these things and put them outside in the garbage pail ASAP but every once in a while, the dogs being so great (and really just biding their time waiting for something awesome) you slip.
I went out and when I came back….garbage carpet in the kitchen.
Cassie (the dog who is on the bottom of the above pic) as far away from it as she can get…shaking and him…just sitting against the fridge, drooling….with nary a care…with a look that says, “Yell at me all you want….totally worth it.”
So, the waiting game begins.
He, of course because his tummy is quite sensitive, gets some hives…and one is bigger than usual…off to the vet.
Let me remind you, for those who read along just humour me, those of you who are new…taking Tyson to the vet is like taking a four legged drunk dude, who has all of his power in his chest and is abnormally strong, out of a bar.
There is spinning and turning…there is a cry that is reserved specifically for the vet.
He shivers and shakes and stares at me.
It is a sad sight, to be sure.
Anyway…they poked around at him…did a biopsy on the bump, told me they’d call me and sent me on my way.
It was like a bad date, really.
Now it (the bump) looks worse than it did before…and it cost me…wait for it…. 200 fucking dollars.
I usually pretend the cost doesn’t affect me…I have no idea why I do this…but I said, “Can you itemize that for me.”
That is…wow.
Then we went to the train station to pick up Michael Hughes.
He came up to keep my older country bones company…sweet, right?
I think his mother thinks I have brought him up here to chain him in my basement and make him my cougar love slave.
I will try to control myself…promise.
I do wonder what my neighbours in the hood (who are very aware of the surrounds) think of me traipsing around with a younger man…it will make an awesome rumour…to be sure!
So, after a fabu lunch at York Street Kitchen and a visit to RKilts to say hi to Robert Pel we came back to Stratford House (that is what Michael calls it…it sounds all “A Little Night Music”) and watched youtube, looked at Damn You Auto Correct and a bunch of other things for hours…hours…I laughed so hard I tooted…yes, you heard it here, people.
Today was the first day I took off from working on a big project…and it was nice to just piddle time away.
So….here is the champ of all the Youtube clips…the one that made me toot….

And here is my fave Damn You Auto Correct….

damn you  auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

Night to all!!!
Good night Michael Hughes!!! The basement is almost ready for you….

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  1. I hope your puppies are okay. You two are adorable. xoxo

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