Dear All,

I was looking over my past few blogs…and they are all political like…what the fuck has happened to me?

They are also filled with ire…eire…eyer…you know what I mean.


Where is the gal who likes a joke…a song…a Christmas animated special? Huh? Where?

I love that pic…the one above…from “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”….”Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor..” and for the record I totally approve of the removal of the ‘a’ in ‘across’ to make the lyrics work…if anyone is asking.

Which they probably aren’t but what the eff, it is my blog, rights?

I was feeling a little sleepy tonight…from the 87 shows in a row at 9:00am…I love the YPT but GURL it is early!

Anyhow, my dear hubby’s agency party is tonight and as I was curled up on the bed in my robe and a full sweatshirt type suit underneath at 7:30pm, I am pretty sure that he knew he was on his own.

Which I am a bit sad about…because I love it when we go places together and all…yes, I do…suck it, eye rollers.

I miss him while he is gone.

Then I ate some spelt crusted cheese pizza and a bowl of pineapple.

Now that I am digesting I would like to present you with an ode…in honour of said awesome husband.

Ode to George

I wake up in the morning brimming with glee.

That my day will be spent with none other than he.

The husband of mine who makes my life grand.

Who makes me feel safe when he holds out his hand.

He is kind, kinder than many I know.

It isn’t a contest, I just want to say so.

Sometimes I am blessed to stand up on the stage.

Watching him work as if he has no age.

His heart is wide open for all to see.

With an egg and a clover on his bended knee. (Possibly reaching there…but it works.)

If you know him at all, you are nodding along.

My sweet husband George, mine for a song.


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