Can u c the cabaret seats, people? Prince!!

Prince had cabaret seating…he DID….the tickets cost $1000.00 a piece…or more, I imagine…but the way he kept bringing people up from that section to dance on the stage…unattended even…it would have been totally fucking worth it.


And that mutherfucker did a rock, funk cabaret…he really did.

With mash ups, guest singers, guitar riffs…confetti cannons…I wish I could afford confetti cannons…I can’t remember the last time I have been so entertained…

And when he launched into Purple Rain on the 2nd song…I almost peed AND passed out.

This is a bucket list item people…not just seeing Prince…but seeing him play his hits…ALL OF THEM, LIVE.

He said at the top of the show while the band was going and he was effing rocking his cheetah covered guitar…”When is the last time you heard a live singer? When is the last time you heard a live drummer? When is the last time you saw a live singer with 145 hits?”

Never modest…but why should he be??

He walked onstage and I started to cry.


Back in 1995 (stay with me folks) while George was doing the Showboat tour (and I had dropped in for a three week stint in the show myself) in St. Paul, Minnesota, we were invited to Paisley Park by one of the dressers who was “The Artist’s” ( as he was called then) wardrobe head…she said he was doing a private concert to work out some stuff for his tour and would love to have us…when she told me this…I totally freaked…we would have to get our shit together and make it there in a half hour after the show…when we get there I walked into the marble cover lobby of PP and meet up with a dude with the biggest afro I have ever seen…with a black hair pick sticking out of it…he was a player in the New Power Generation…and he said it was over….we had missed the show.

God, I was heartbroken.

I went back to Toronto a week later…and two weeks later George called me from St. Paul to say they had been invited back to Paisley Park…and made it…yes, Saidah Baba Talibah….you made it that time too…but I didn’t.

George told me he played his material from the Gold Tour for no more than 250 people.

George is not the hugest Prince fan…but went for me.


So, when my childhood pal, Susan Curran, invited G and I to an Exec Box at the ACC I jumped!!!

I was so tired yesterday…but, again, when I got there and saw the symbol stage…well, you can guess my feelings.

He gave an amazing show…he played everything, people…and he performed like a mutherfucker…and he covered a BUNCH of awesome tunes…and he played for 2 and a half hours…not the the three hours of the night before…but I didn’t care…

He played (from what George and I can recall):


Purple Rain


Razzberry Beret


When Doves Cry


I Would Die 4 U

Let’s Go Crazy

Little Red Corvette

Nothing Compares 2 U ( KILLER!!!)

Alphabet Street (!!!!)

Darling Nicki

Take Me With You


Sign of the Times

Delirious (again, !!!!!)

And from his mash ups and covers:

Crimson and Clover

Play That Funky Music

Everyday People

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

And so many more we can’t remember….because we were dancing…

He played that effing guitar…lord…he can play…and when he played the riff from “Rollercoaster of Love” I just about plotzed.

He also took a break and his three back up ladies, who were dressed in flowing robes, sang the FUCK out of “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin….

It was amazing…just the best…and he we are…what a time we had.

Thanks SUE!!!


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