Voting is not hard for me.

I have always voted NDP…It is just a fact.

(Let me just state…as I always do…I know next to nothing about politics…there, I said it…it isn’t that I am a total idiot or anything…but I felt that it had to be said.)

But, today, as George drove to the polling station (inside the same building as the Tom Patterson Theatre) I was in a bit of turmoil.

I didn’t know how to vote.

I don’t want the PC to get in power…at all…not even with a minority…and the dude who has been running things here in Stratford for a while is a Liberal…which actually surprised me a bit…because Stratford and it’s environs COULD NOT BE MORE CONSERVATIVE. Lord.

So, do I vote for the guy who can maybe get back in and who IS NOT PC…or do I vote my heart.

So, I got my little card…and sat behind the screen for so long that the lady (named Eunice…love) who is running my table at the polling station kept looking back at me.

And then I thought of Jack Layton…

I could not possibly vote against the NDP the year he made so much headway…the year he died…I just couldn’t.

As George and I walked to the car…I told him all of this…and he said…well, they can’t ever win if we don’t vote for them….simple.

Love George.

Love the NDP.


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