Okay, Hoarders is coming on….So, I only have a few minutes.

I fucking walked the land of Banff today like that Lewis and Martin….who were fabulous adventurers…I think…or was it Lewis and Clark….whatever….I guess Lewis and Martin are adventureres in a way….if that movie starring Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth is to be believed….was Kevin Bacon in that? WHATEVER.

I am still not used to the low oxygen…which is a bit fucked…it feels like when I smoked…but this place is gorgeous at EVERY TURN….here are some pics….

This is Beth, Myself and Patti with the Banff Springs in the background!

Then there is this…

Anyhoops…I went with Patti and our friend Rachel to see the “Hereafter” movie…because that nice young man, Matt Damon, is in it.

First of all, Matt Damon was in TWO of the trailers…what the fuck…take a break..save some work for the rest of the world. Like, where the fuck is that naked, bongo playing Matthew McConnaghy? Huh?

Second of all….EVERYONE involved in getting that movie to the theatres should take a shower…a shower of shame….holy fuck…what a piece of CRAP!!!

Oh my god….I tried not to make the noise of the disbelieving during the TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES of my life I paid 10 dollars to have stolen from me.

Okay, Hoarders has started so if I get distracted….how many cats does that lady have?? TWENTY?!?!?….any way…I almost fell asleep one hundred times.

I kinda wanted to punch Bryce Dallas Howard. Punch her.

She was so whimpering.


And at the end when Clint Eastwood’s name came up at the end I thought….okay…I said out loud… “FOR SHAME CLINT EASTWOOD….For shame.”

We could not come up with one nice thing to say about it…NOT ONE.

Do not spend the money….it was as slow moving as old timey Heinz ketchup….no SLOWER.

Oh my god….Hoarders is getting to the good part …..gotta go!


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