Day 16 of Week 36 of World Domination.

This has gotta be short…I gots a big day.

It is my last show today.

I cannot effing believe it…I really can’t…it has gone by so fast.

Today, I am also booked on the Edinburgh Tonight show at my venue ( it is a live chat show….that is what they call them here…love that).

I have had to cancel a couple variety show appearances in the last couple of days because I have been sick…sniffly, headachy, tummy not happy…and I have wanted to muscle through with my 2 hours a day at the Half Price Hut.

I always do well there…but I do feel like a used car salesman, sometimes….it takes me about 2 hours to move about 12 tickets.

Derrick has come down the last few days as well.

There are some great people down there…really…the other actors, sketch comedians, comedians, producers, singers and what not…we all have a kibitz about the day before…how it is going today…I think I am one of the oldest ones….oh no…wait…I am not…now that I think about it there is a lot of different ages….anyhow…I am gonna get a picture with them today!

The last two houses have been packed…I have been very happy about that…and it is always a joy to see the people I talked into coming to the show smiling and laughing in the audience!!

The shows have been great!

Wayne and I have a great time and magically EVERY night we pretty much end on time…which is amazing to me…I did agonize over the set list for days…and it seems to have turned out.

We made some changes to the show early on…songs out and new ones in…and it seems to run like a clock now…that is amazing to learn.

I love the word ‘amazing’ it seems…better that than a word like ‘feces’, I guess.


Anyhow, the guests continue to come and visit Scotland….

Here is Ruth, Tim, Geoff (Ruth and Geoff are Grant’s cousins from Scotland and Tim, I am sure you have met if you have attended any of the shows in Toronto, is Grant’s partner…Grant and Tim have supported me from THE VERY FIRST!), Carling Connor ( recent transport to London from Canada…fierce singer and awesome supporter!) , Wayne, of course, Chris Lorway ( over here as the AD of Luminato seeing fancy theatre…and my show!…he is a dear friend) and the fabu Grant!

And here is a picture of me and my first two army members….members….tee hee.

I got two more fabulous reviews….

The Current

Edinburgh Fringe 2010: Review – Sharron Matthews “Superstar”, Surgeons Hall

By niger

Published: August 26, 2010

***** 5 STARS

With less than three days to go before Sharron Matthews Superstar World Domination Tour 2010 comes to an end I was lucky to get the chance to see her cabaret show. Nothing at all really prepares you for this show and Matthews stuns and impressive from the frist moment you walk into the room. Standing by the door she welcomes everyone to her show and the energy in the room is already pretty high and at this stage of the fringe she has still managed to get a good crowd in.

From the offset Sharron had the audience eating out of her hand and her bedside manner was gracious and a few of these other performers could learn a few things of how to bring class to a cabaret show. At times the quite sentimental and others ridiculously funny this show could have run for 2 hours rather than the 50 minutes we got and still wold have kept the fire Matthews brings to her show. The compilations she created are inspired and are unexpected gems!Of all the songs she tweaked and altered for her show non comes close to what she did with Hotel California. This was spooky, creepy, and original. If she had copies of this song for sale at the end of her show I would have bought it. You have to hear it to understand how good she is and she does more with this songs that make her music standout. Her ability at altering these songs is like a fine artists who sees a masterpiece and is able to enhance it to the point of it gaining a new identity. She does this masterfully and her voice is a gentle and sweet as you could imagine.‘Without question a truly magnificent performer with a great deal of heart and a voice so controlled, sweet and powerful you will leave her show on a high. If your question is whether Sharron Matthews is a superstar, quite frankly yes!’

And my new fave REVIEW!!!

Three Weeks Edinburgh

Sharron Matthews Superstar – World Domination Tour 2010

Sharron Matthews

Sharron Matthews calls herself ‘Superstar’ and doesn’t care what you think. Luckily I think she has the credentials to pull off such an audacious title. Conquering the world one venue at a time, she narrates her hysterical and at times poignant journey from small-town Canada to ‘superstardom’ with music, her pitch-perfect voice emotionally expressive and impressively used as she flits between songs that are either insane or inspire
d choices for a cabaret show. From her homage to Britney Spears, her mash-up of Madonna and Shirley Bassey to a heartfelt rendition of Radiohead, Matthews sings with attitude and humour in a show that has more musical surprises and mood swings than a foul-mouthed episode of ‘Glee’. World Domination beckons.

theSpaces@ Surgeons Hall, 16 – 28 Aug, 9.05pm (9.55pm), £10.00, fpp 217.

tw rating 4/5


You have gotta love that it never occured to me that the title of this show might present a problem or cause people to judge me before I started.Thank effing god!!!

Last night after the show I jumped into a cab and saw the biggest cabaret performer at the Fringe this year, Camille O’Sullivan.

She is Irish and has a way with the songs.

She was in a 650 seat theatre that was a miniature Royal Alex and had a huge, fabulous 5 piece band and her own drum.

Now, I want a drum.

Anyhow…she was a bit dark…and in the beginning I was not sure what she was up to…it was a mashing of new and old with a strong ‘old school-german’ cabaret influence….but by the time she got to her accapella version of ‘Amsterdam’, slamming her foot on the stage over and over again I was captivated…Derrick said it was worth the price of admission and I agreed (He had come earlier in the week.)…when she got into Dylan’s “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” I was looking at her, wearing my dress that I had just worn in my own show, sitting in a theatre at the Edinburgh Festival…and I cried…I could not stop myself.

I felt so lucky.

I felt very inspired.

Very alive.

And very young….I LOVE THAT!

I heard Camille talk at a cabaret symposium my third day here and she talked about what a job it was for her to get here….how much work…how much money.

And as she swung on a swing and sang a beautiful song I wondered how many steps I was from that gorgeous stage.

I thank you…I thank you all who helped me get here…I don’t take this for granted for one blessed minute.I could not have done this without alone…I am so very humbled. I am off to the Half Price Hut…to my last day of performing…and…I don’t know what else to say.

But thank you.

Here is picture of a kooka street performer on a pole….



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