“BLAH BLAH…hats out….blah blah….hands up…..blah blah curtain….IT’S TODAY”….sing that to the tune of “It’s Today” from Mame….do you know that song? Clearly I do not.
I can’t believe it…and I can at the same time…all the planning and here it is..although, I gotta say after all of the work that I have been doing this week it just seems like a continuation…which is a good thing.
I took Thursday off….I mean, I worked on the computer like a motherfucker…but I didn’t do any promo!
I went down to Soho, nope that is not it…Chelsea….not that either….OH NYU district….er something….basically I got off a Union Square and sweated around the…square lookin’ for my gal Elenna!!!
She is down here interning at a theatre…WAIT!!! theatER company and we met at a super nice restaurant called “Republic”…you kinda have to sit at long tables with other people….I don’t take to that, people.
But the food and the COMPANY was fabu.
Then! I thought…okay…I am here..I am not going out tonight to sing…should I? Would I?
I picked up my purse and off I went to TKTS…the line was short and the guy at the booth was surly!
I had a lot of suggestions from all of you but John from Toronto really was adamant about Sherrie Renee Scott in “Everyday Rapture”….so I said “One for Everyday Rapture , please” the dude in the booth scowled. He said he had an EXCELLENTticket for $63.00….that sounded very expensive…he scowled…I asked if her had any crappy tickets that were cheaper….he scowled. I left.
I really wanted to see it…so I started to motor across Times Square and ran into, none other than, Gail Hakala….she is down here with her mother…and I told her that we would run into each other…it is a small big world.
Anyhow…after our chat I went to the theatre where “Rapture” was playing and asked the nice gentleman in that booth it he had rush seats….he could not have been kinder and I walked away with a not so awesome….but still I had one….seat for the show for $21.50, suck that scowlie.
I went next door to have a bite and in the middle of my egg salad sandwich I looked up and there was freaking Ben Vereen…I gasped and smiled and he winked at me…AT ME!!!
What a great day this was!
I really enjoyed the show…it was a great story and the music was gravy…she “took a good part” as my mom would say. I really was inspired.
And then Ben Vereen walked out of the theatre behind me….I shit you not…I wanted to ask for a picture…but I was too shy…TOO SHY!!
And I went up to Amsterdam and W 80th and met Sara Farb for a drinkie…it is like Canada in NY!!!
Then yesterday Wayne and Derrick arrived…we metted….we rehearsed ( yes, we set up that pic…eff!) in a room that Joe’s helped me find across from their theatre…and Wayne and I went out for dinner…(As you can tell, I will be speeding thru yesterday as I need to sleep more and Georgie just arrived after taking the Megabus and I want to hug him.)

Then I went out…again!
Short FORM IT!!!
I took a million dollar cab ride to the Metropolitan Room.
Fucker got lost 2 times and took me to the wrong address.
I sang at the Metrojam…small but lovely crowd…
Don and I (did I mention that my PR dude is the ABSOLUTE best…he is a dear man) get in a cab and go to the Laurie Beechman Theater.
THERE IS WAYNE waiting for us in a tie.
He is cute!
The crowd seems a little small…and I gotta say it…a tad surly….but I get asked up and I sing with Wayne and I feel great about what I did…the gentleman who runs the night, Brandon, it very complimentary and I see that Sara and Derrick have arrived and I feel good about it ALL!

Then I hear a young, entitled and soul killing drunkie making fun of my card, and my title…mocking me … saying “Oh come see my show, because I think I am fabulous”….I feel a litte curfuffled…I let it bug me for a while…and then I think…why can I not be fabulous?
A Superstar?
Suck it loser!!!!
Then we leave to go to another place and we stop out front to talk to these lovely gentlemen….

Wayne is flirting.
I cockblock him and steal him away.
We go to Mama’s…and see this wonderful man named George be fabulous and outrageous…

Look closely…those aren’t his.
I begin to fade.
I sing my tune with Wayne…who is, by the way, having the best time…THE BEST!!!
I cannot even write down here what time it is….
And I get my ass in a cab.
I am now going back to it!
Tonight at 7:00pm!!!
I am excited.
I really am.


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