I am so fucking tired.
I feel all covered in a film of dirtiness…but ALIVE!!!
There was an 86 year old chorine who sang that tonight at the last piano bar I went to….the Townhouse again…which I find very intriguing …the mix of people…a bunch of sugar daddies…and Ricola was back…he says he is coming to Joe’s…I hope it is true!
The only other time I have heard the “But Alive” song is the lovely Thom Allison’s compact disc…I think he would have enjoyed Helen’s version.
I fit in all there was of NY today.
Yesterday was a lot of work at the computer…after the VERY late night beforehand and the nodes-making singing (I don’t have nodes…what I do have is a lot of drama in my speechifying) I could not get my shiz together. But I worked… yes, I did… then when I met Don, my PR dude, it was a bit half hearted on my part…and the NY cabaret scene was very quiet last night…but that was alright…I did stop off at Marie’s Crisis Cafe…which has always been a lark for me…a fun thing to do…and the thought of trying to get the attention of the drunken tourists who were there….not all were drunken or tourists…and niether of those things is actually horrible together or separate…but there were a couple messy ones.
I didn’t want to sing…I hate to sing where I have to compete…suck it up Matthews.
So, Franca, the fabu lady playing the piano asked me what I wanted to do…and I said “On My Own” from Les Mis…and I walked up to the loud asses who would not shut up and took their hands and sang the song to them. They had to shut up…and then half way thru I started handing out cards.
Ah, the glamour.
So, I made it an early night because I wanted to be fresh for this great day!!!
This big day.
I had a lot of plans.
I was up early….even though it sounded like someone was building something outside of my window all night…so loud.
But I put on one of my fave Fashion Crimes summer frocks and pearls and off I went to the Times Square Welcome Center.
The fabu Blair Irwin was there with her mother Elizabeth…it was great to have Canadians there….and Blair took my Kodak Easy Shot and took all of the shots there!
The place was already filling up for “Live from Broadway”, Seth Rudetsky’s Sirius show…Julie James, Seth’s producer greeted me and gave me the run down…and Seth came and we chatted about how he was at my VERYFIRST cabaret in Toronto at J.J.’s…he was in town MDing Forever Plaid and ended up at my show…so…ssooooo many years ago..I am so thankful that he had me on.
I then met the headliner guest…Katie Finneran…she is nominated for a Tony for her role in “Promises, Promises”….and she COULD not have been kinder or more encouraging.
Seth did a fun interview!

I sang, with Seth on piano, one of my fave mash ups…as the kids say… “Material Girl/Diamonds are Forever”..and I ended it ….ahem…a BIT dramtically…..

We played “Showdown”, which was a trivia game…she and I were on the same team and there were two tourists from Bowling Green, Kentucky on the other team….and Katie (my new BF) and I were playing for a audience member…I think Beverly was her name….anyway…the competitive side of me just burst to the top….and I knew all the answers….it wasn’t until after that I thought I might have wanted to dial it back a bit…wow…I was just a bit much, maybe….but what the eff!!!I WON!!! Though, admittedly, I cheated a bit…but just a bit.

Thanks Blair for the shot taking!
It was a great time.
Then I went to visit Pete and Jed, my NY agents…they have a big new office…well, not new to them…I haven’t been down in a while. They told me how to get to The Public Theatre where Joe’s Pub is. They are good peeps, Pete and Jed….
I wanted to check out the digs.
I rode the train to a part of the city where I had NO IDEA where I am….it could be soho…it could be Canal Street-ie…I have no idea…but I saw the theatre…and then I saw this.

And then I cried….and got super excited.
And then I saw the room…and GOT EVEN MORE EXCITED!
I met with the publicist, the booker, the tech and the liason…and they could not have been more welcoming…it just washes over me how kind everyone has been here…and that is a young crew….young and hip.
The Joe’s room made me think of Sara Farb…hmm.
Then, full of happiness and with a feeling all is right in the world…I proceeded to get lost and enter 3 wrong subway stations…and put my unlimited pass thru EVERYTIME….holy cow it was hard to find.
I subwayed it to midtown to the Iguana where I had set up a meeting with an interviewer for nitelifeexchange.com, Daryl is his name.
We had a lovely interview…I looked down at my flip flopped feet. (I was carrying my 4 inch heels…yes, 4 inches…what the fuck?….in my purse, like any serious contestant on America’s Next Top Model) My feet looked like I was an orphan in the touring production of Annie…dirty….dirty….

from the hot, sweaty city!
Then I had a whorish foot wash in the Iguana’s upscale bathroom…much to a older ladies’ chagrin.
I then walked the 10 blocks to Lincoln Centre to meet my dear friends from old time Showboat days, Panchali and Kim….oh lord it was great to see them! It was so nice just take a moment and see friends.
Then I was off to Porno Bingo with Will Clark…that was fun…and this is the corner it is on.

Wonder if I am in the right place!!!YAY!!!

I love it.
Everyone at Pieces was, again people, so kind and welcoming….even though I could not stay very long….I had a blast there! I swore like a sailor there….

Then the evening winded down and we (Don and I…he met me at Pieces) went back to the Townhouse…and I am back where I started…
I left out a couple things…like the crazy dude with flags in his har in the lunch place….the guy on the subway with no pants…he was some smelly…I actually had to change cars…
But it is late….
Tomorrow is a day of going over the show for the weekend…I think instead of going out to busk tomorrow…I might just see something…wouldn’t that be great?
We shall see!!!


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