The push has begun people!!!
The Army is ramping it up and I am going whole hog!!!

I have a fantastic PR guy in NY and a lot….and I do mean A LOT of helpers…and Sharron’s ARMY needs you!!!
Spread the word…like a big fabulous, glittering, pop music singing, awesome dress wearing, big hair sporting, potty mouth inclined VIRUS!!!

I just keep thinking…wouldn’t it be amazing if a Canadian cabaret perfromer…yes, me…sold out their NY Debut…not a performer attached to a Bway show, not a TV star…a cabaret artist…oh fuck…I just passed out in a cloud of pink talcum powder and fur….CAN YOU SEE THE VISUAL?!?!?!
Yes, I do need your help!!!
Here is the link to my Joe’s Pub Page!!
Spread it around!!!,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,5106
and here is a lovely article written by one of Sharron’s Army and fabu blogger, Amanda Campbell….
And here is my postcard….

If you email me at
I will send you an email embedded version OR a pdf…if you WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS CRAZY WORLD DOMINATION!!!
I am going down a week early to do promo and sing at open mike nights!!!
My fave day so far is Wednesday June 2nd…I will be on Seth Rudetsky’s Radio show and THEN in the evening I will be at 8 Christopher Street at a bar called Pieces calling a round of gay bingo and singing a tune….
I LOVE New York.
I do…..


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