You gotta dig Jeremy Clay’s pics!!!!
So, last night at the show I got a young man named Jeigh up for the sing a long to help me…..He was so cute looking… oh… here he is!!!

How cute is he???
Anyhow… he sang like a fucking bird… really….
And I realized that I had a spot open in my 40th Birthday shows….
The one….
With Brent Carver on it!!!
The night before that fabulous Maria
Janna Polzin
will be on…
with SYTYWBOSP guest
Rachel McCaig…
The show was super fun…
I swore five million times and Michael Hughes… stunning young man… brought 40 people….
Gavin Crawford was so great doing his Rufas Wainwright and talking away!
Looking soooo forward to tonight!
And Ari Weinberg has been doing stuff that needs be done for me…
I don’t know how I would have managed without him….
Love you ARI!!!


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  1. You are a trip
    love reading about what I have been missing out on since my little Blood clot stint…
    Hope you & George are doing well
    can’t wait to get better so I can make it to your show…
    Hugs and kisses

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