Heya!!! Scroll down to see part one and then come back up and……..Here is number two…. there is a bit of announcement!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!

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  1. The Maria show is crazy… I think there are some really talented girls on there and I think that they are deserving of playing a great part, but it is too bad what they are being put through. My favourite comment someone said was, “How do you solve a problem like Maria WITH BELTING?” If you are into torrents at all, I highly recommend you download the reality show that is casting the new Elle Woods for Legally Blonde: The Musical. Every week they have to do actual songs, dances, and scenes from the show that they are auditioning for…imagine?! It’s quite entertaining…and makes a lot more sense.. Though sometimes the judges can be just as judgey… Anyhoo, nice to catch up on your videos today – now I’ve got my Sharron updates! 😀

  2. I TOTALLY want to apply to be a card bitch…do I need any skills specifically in my app?? I can..hold..things…really well!

  3. Sharon!!

    I laughed and laughed and wished so much I was not on frickin’ dial-up!!!!

    You GO Girl!

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