Hey All!!!
I can’t do the webshow while I am in TO but I wanted to write on my blog…
as I have some free time between the 400 times I am going over my opening for the Doras….
And I am going over it 400 times….
I am sitting and watching Apollo 13….
I didn’t even really dig it the first time but it is funny what one will do when it is too hot to power walk outside and one can’t get the fortitude up to put my ass in downtown Toronto to the gym…..
In the midst of Pride….
It will be a mess down there and any other time I would be in it baby!!!
But I am trying to conserve my voice and my energy and I cannot seem to restrain myself during Pride…….
I would be all over it!
I went to see my friends Patty and Patti do their cabaret at the Old Mill last night… it was a part of the Toronto Jazz Festival….
What a lovely evening that was…the singing… the story telling…the paino playin’…
The waiter was mean as all get out!
I was sitting with Sara Farb and Jeff Moulton… we were not inclined to spend alot of the food or the drink… my glass of wine was 12 bucks and I made it last all night…that waiter was not happy…. ass…
But the show was worth the waiter’s ‘tude…..
And the stars there… well
Theresa Pavlinek, Meesha Burgergosenn… I know that is spelled wrong… Rex Harrington… Jean Stillwell…
What a star studded evening….
Congrats Patty and Patti!!!
I actually saw Jean Stillwell earlier that day at Classic 96 where I was a guest on her radio show… I love the radio.. it is fun and you can look like shit… not that any of us did…
Jean is doing an Eric Idle project at the effing Hollywood Bowl…
And before that I was at Proud FM… with Ken and Mary Jo… that was also alot of fun….
The segment was called
“What’s For Breakfast?”
Which made me nervous…
Those interviews were 30 minutes apart and I had to get up at 6:45am… early …..
Theatre and radio are very glamorous ….
But fun….
Then off to the fabu Fashion Crimes where my friend Kat and I went over the 9 outfits with bling that I will be wearing at the Doras….
We are doing this in style….
I think the show is going to be great ….I have the best mix of excitement and terror….
It is the only way to keep yourself honest!
I cannot wait to see all the peeps.. Avery, Thom, Bill my hair guru…. and many others….
And Patty and I are up for the same award….
Oh there is so much to think about!!!
I am up for a fricken’ award!!!
Wowie.. what a year…..
And after it all… I will drink my weight!!!!
Oh ya… I am the Diarist in the National Post for 5 days starting Monday!!!
What a publicity whore!


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