Here is episode number two part one…
I guess I got alot to say!
I hope to have a guest or two on the next one!
I am gonna evolve!!
Scary, eh?


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  1. OMG… I miss you so much.

    Why are we not the best of friends and getting together weekly for shoot the shit sessions??? Seriously. We are peas in a pod.

    life is weird.

    This just made my day though.

    (and I cannot tell you how many times I have had the fat white girl/vs fat black girl conversation…) We whities just don’t “own” and love our curves. It’s sad.

    ok… running to watch part two!!

  2. YEAHHH!!!!
    I love responses….. isn’t that fat girl thing hard?
    It makes me spit!

  3. well girl… You’re bookmarked now, so be prepared for responses!

    oy.. the fat girl thing.
    Try as I might to embrace my inner black diva, the outer fat white girl totally wins out everytime. Bitch.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love that you are loving the root beer.
    Because I love root beer.
    And our hair is the same.

  6. Sharron Matthews – At last I have the time to sit down and just be entertained by you and your Webshow blog. “Womb Raider!!!!! Bah-HA! Honey, you may become more addictive to me than FaceBook! And the big girls of many colours observation? it’s funny ’cause it’s TRUE!
    OK… Gonna watch some more you…

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