So, here I am on the web this fine Saturday morning… 

In the haunted house that I live in in Niagara…..
After going to see my sister in her highschool production ( she is the head secretary at Sir John A MacDonald in Hamilton… they use teachers in parts…. smart) last night….. 
The Sound of Music
Oh lord…. before we go any farther let us talk on how much I hate that freakin’ show….
I REALLY do…. 
I have performed in it and seen it at least one
million times….
It may be that I exaggerate but it seems like it was that many.
This production was 3 hours long….
Oh my….
but my sis was awesome…
It is so great to see her onstage….she started doing these shows last year and I think she really gets a kick outta it.
She played a nun….
With glasses….
If you have ever had the chance to see ‘Mean Girls’ I am actually playing my sister… it is uncanny if you meet here ever…we look exactly alike…even though we are 15 years apart.
She is awesome…
Then I came back here to go the ‘Dance Party’ @ the George Theatre.
What fun!!!
They would never do something like that at Stratford.
I am not dissing them, Stratford, but ……they WOULD NEVER have an awesome dance party!
George and I lived there for 3 seasons… George worked… I watched…. two wholly different perspectives.
I love it here at Shaw.
It seems like a kinder, gentler place.
The Mac computers were all lined up in a row being manned by three young actors….
Andrew Bunker… and Torquil Campbell…. and a young man I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet… Graeme Sommerville.
They spun awesome tunes…. Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix and other old school stuff… I made Grey Powell go and ask for Madonna…. which he did with great embarrassment…. but didn’t the dance floor fill when it came on….. Molly Jane Atkinson and I made our way to the dance floor and the great man who had the stage as his  dance domain…. the most excellent Peter Millard….invited us on up….
Well, who can turn that invitation down!!
We cut a rug!!!!
What an excellent night!!!
Then this morning… the ghost let us have a real sleep last night…. we asked her nicely….
I turned on the computer and there, on my rogers homepage, is a picture of a newly zaftig Kirstie Alley.
How can this still be news….
It is always news who dudes are fucking….
And how fat and skinny girls are.
It infuriates me.
As someone who has fought, is fighting and will continue to struggle with her weight it makes me mad, sad and sick to see.
Must we always be judged by the size of our hips…. and if so…. does a generous swell bring us up with a negative score!
I say fuck that!
In honour of that I will be launching a little webisode on Tuesday.
REally Sharron?
Once a week on here ….
And everyday on Facebook.
I am excited and scared about it.
What will it be?
You have to tune in to see!


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  1. Sharron
    You are far too funny. I love reading and seeing what you are up to. You are a beautiful writer and an even funnier comedian. I am thinking next step for you is Sharron’s talk show. You need to find a sponsor. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY

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