Oh lord!
I miss vacation already….but if you click the video of the palm trees underneath the sweet puppy you can see what we saw~
It will never ….. never be summer!
It effing snowed today…made me want to hit something with my booted foot.
But, still, I have been riding my bike back and forth to rehearsal….
Home at lunch to take care of sweet Otto.
He is my schnauzer…. he is 15 years old….and he is sick.
It makes me sigh and it makes me just ……
He is the best dog….
He has humped some of the best legs….
He has foraged from the garbages of some of the best homes…
He has dipped his paws in both oceans….
He has pooped on both coasts….
He has peed in almost all of the states and provinces…. Can’t say how happy they were about that in Tennesse….
He had the runs there…..
His lovely presence in our lives has always figured in our decisions about whether to take jobs or not….
It even was part of our decision to move…
People have made fun of us because of that……..
I say….
You don’t know what it is like to know Otto…
We are laying together on the couch and eating carrots and watching the Notebook with Gena Rowlands….
For the record, we thought we wouldn’t but, Otto and I both cried… we think that movie is sad.


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  1. Oh, Sharron. I’m so sorry! I know exactly how you’re feeling. Our sweet, sweet dog was sick for a while and it was just so awful to see, because you just love them so much and want to protect them and make them better. We had my dog since I was so young and she was such a part of my life.. it’s so hard to see them go through this! šŸ™ I’m thinking of you all. xo

  2. So love the little video of your vacation…wishing i was there

    But the main reason for this post was the beautiful duvet cover you have Otto snuggle in on the bed…
    Can we all say IKEA fits once more…
    don’t worry I have the same one

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