During all of my chats with the 5 of you, I think that your numbers have increased, I have been remiss in telling you about my trips to Perth…..

Now here is the reason why…..
I was asked by an old and dear friend, Micheal, who owns Perth Manor in……Perth…..to come up and do an intimate Sharron’s Party at his fancy place….and it is fancy….google it!…….of course, I said yes!
I went up there and the people were lovely and the place was…..also lovely…..
I was treated like queen and my audience was titilated and excited …..because you know how I am naughty….
I think Micheal was afraid the whole time that I was gonna say cocksucker….
Because the prominent people of Perth came out to see the show and I was trying to soften it up…..you don’t want to cocksucker them right away….
you gotta save it up for a few visits…..
I put together a special show just for them and they loved it!!!
We had a great time…..and they were the tiniest bit naughty…..
And then Michael and David, his partner, would serve us the most beautiful breakfast on the patio the next afternoon….. not morning because the audience bought me a bottle of wine and I got the tiniest bit slosshed.
I went back up again a couple months later and did an outside Party….
There was a tent and everything.
A Barbra Steisand concert really and brought Thom as my special guest!!!
The crowd was bigger this time and more diverse…..from about 24 years to 70 years I would say……they laughed and I sang…..and I still didn’t say cocksucker….
I am still saving it~
We finished off the night with a sing a long ‘Over the Rainbow’ that I will never forget.
The people there are just fabulous…..they bought me a couple bottles of wine and I had to be carried back to the house by George…..
Now here is the reason I never wrote about it!!!!
Michael said that he didn’t want the world knowing the the important people of Perth were having the tiniest of naughty times!!!
So I didn’t say.
Now I hear that the people of Perth are sad that they have been left out of the blog.
Well…..here you are people.
I am not going to name you ….. to preserve your privacy…..but know that I love you…..
especially the potty mouth lady who shares the name of the queen.
All my love to Perth…..

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