That is me right beside Nicki and J.T….
as Georgie likes to call him…
Got a whole bunch of emails and facebooks about where this picture was…..
I stole it from Roger Ebert’s site…..
Paul Butler from Montreal told me it was on the front page of the Gazette!!
Woopie dooo!!!
And to top it all off my Mom went with my sister yesterday to see it and I couldn’t even understand her when she called me cause she was so excited….
The funny part? I don’t utter a single word in the movie!
I am a speciality dancer….
at the age of 38…..
Proud as shit!
Don’t forget the show on Monday where we will chat about this some more!

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  1. I think we’re going to see the movie tomorrow…can’t wait to squeal excitedly when you show up on the screen! πŸ™‚

    I also cannot wait for Monday night! See you soon.

  2. you are all over the place in the movie and your listed as Mr Pinky’s cashier in the credits
    so excited for you
    hope your having a great weekend see you on Monday

  3. Went to see the movie tonight – you were fabulous! You were all over it. Seriously I saw you a million times; awesome! What a great movie…

  4. Junior….you were also super cue in the ladies choice…..

  5. We saw the movie this afternoon – it was soo awesome to see you in it! (and Kyle!.. and Kritty!) It was so much fun! πŸ˜€ See you tomorrow night – I’m soooo pumped!

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